The Brilliant Mind Of Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou specializes in performed research for intelligent decision making under uncertainty and Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with industrial organizations as well as academics globally and Mr. Anthony Constantinou applies his research to a variety of projects such as finance, medicine, sports, gaming and economics

He currently is the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London and he holds the title of Assistant Lecturer Professor at the University.


  • Football Forecasting Models

For football forecasting models, the outcome of the forecast requires three values that corresponds to away wins, home wins, and draws. There is no rule scoring that has been agreed upon to determine the accuracy of the football forecast.

Anthony Constantinou states that the various scoring rules that may be used for the validation process for any previous research are improper since they actually fail to comprehend the football forecasts that represent an ordinary scale. This is just cause to raise concerns about the outcome of the previous studies.

The Rank Probability Score or RPS is a proven generic rule scoring system. This scoring system was missed the researchers previously but it actually properly assesses the models of the football forecasting. Refer to This Article to learn more.


  • Risk Management and Assessment for Violent Prisoners

For prisoners with mental health issues, some forensic medical practitioners as well as scientists have sought to improve support for managing care and determining the release of these prisoners. A serious threat to the community or society in general can be a problem especially with violent offenders. These groups think that if the violent offenders are well managed after their release only casual interventions would be necessary.


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