There are many reasons to critique Amazon, and the majority of these may be credible. Having said that, one of the biggest criticisms of the company has been that it’s a monopoly; Ted Bauman sees a few problems with that criticism, however. As a well-renowned business and financial analyst Ted Bauman has worked in a few notable areas in and around the industry. He’s currently well known for producing The Bauman Letter, which is read by over 100,000 people every month. The monthly newsletter also provides readers with his innovative investment and legal strategies to help improve their wealth and reduce the overall risks associated with investing.

He’s also contributed to a few other prominent business and investment publications. Because of that, Ted Bauman has had to keep a keen eye on the business world. While he may not exactly be a fan of Amazon, Ted Bauman says that there are a few holes in the hypothesis that Amazon is a monopoly. The biggest of these is that Wal-Mart, arguably Amazon’s biggest competitor, generates triple the amount of yearly revenues than the internet giant. On top of that Target, Macy’s, Wal-Mart and a few other notable retailers make up 56% of the e commerce market. A significant portion is also taken up by smaller retailers and more boutique e-commerce stores in the business world.

As Ted Bauman notes, that doesn’t leave Amazon with much room to create a monopoly. The investment and business analyst also noted that the e commerce giant Ted hadn’t had much of an effect on brick-and-mortar retailers either. As he noted, less than a twentieth of all retail revenues in the United States goes to Amazon; if it really were a monopoly, then it would be generating significantly more revenues than that. In contrast, a typical monopoly should take up the vast majority of revenues in a market; as Mr. Bauman helpfully points out, Amazon falls far short of that mark. Many critics have also pointed to Amazon’s involvement in a variety of industries as a sign it could be a monopoly; however, according to Ted Bauman has shown, there are some significant competitors in the market to keep Amazon’s market share in check.


Jason Hope Goodwill Remedy

Early aging is something growing within the society but as technology advances,humanitarians are working hard to curb this problem by inventing drugs to help bring normal both the intracellular and extracellular cells destroyed by diseases. The passion in touching other peoples life is what highly drove entrepreneur Jason Hope in coming up with the anti-aging idea.The man might have seen a gap in the society and touched him so much.Jason observed keenly how many diseases are treated in the traditional approach,the diseases where treated after they have occurred but his creative idea was to completely wipe out the diseases which affect the body cells which makes people to age faster.The man highly valued human life and never wanted them to die or get old without seeing the good products of their brains.

Jason Hope is doing great research in finding the drugs to manage the menace of people getting old after being attacked by diseases such as cancer and blood related diseases. According to Jason, he works hard by challenging and testing many inventions to come up withe the best both curative and preventive drugs of aging diseases.People who are ageing tend to be more disadvantaged in the society;women with ageing faces always feel anxious and not confident since they know they are not attractive but when the problem is wiped,it makes them confident and makes them engage in social activities with confidence.

Jason believes that stronger people are highly productive and is using technology to come up with aging solution to safe humanity by making the maintain their state of productivity without any interference by aging.In the tech world attractive people are the most considered in jobs since the seems to be energetic and the aged clients are left behind being considered of low out-put. His notable contribution mostly financially to research on the drugs in order to make everybody equal in society.The drugs makes somebody live a longer life after being attacked by diseases. In conclusion,technology is making tremendous change in the society by trying to utilize everybody both old or young in productivity of the society.We should learn to be people of goodwill and help people voluntarily without expecting any pay.