The Organo Gold brand was launched in 2008 as a way to provide a delicious and highly nutritious alternative to coffee. Founded in Canada by two brothers with a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship, Organo Gold has reached international fame and has almost become a household name for those who have fallen in love with the large range of products. Despite the company being a marketing enterprise which has allowed customers to become independent distributors for the brand, the products within the line are made using high-quality and sustainable sources.

What Organo Gold is most known for is their coffee and tea products that use a special mushroom known as Ganoderma. This red and rounded mushroom has a plethora of health benefits that, when paired with coffee, can boost a person’s immunity, improve weight loss efforts and even help to clear skin of breakouts, eczema flareups and rashes. Some customers even use Organo Gold’s beverages as a stress and anxiety reliever, since it has been well toted in the homeopathic community as a de-stresser. While you might be wondering if a mushroom coffee tastes good, the millions of customers who swear by the product are proof enough that the beverage isn’t just beneficial but is delectably delicious.

While the brand started off as a coffee and tea-only enterprise, they have grown exponentially in the past few years to expand their product line. Now, not only do they offer a range of weight and body management products like FENIX DX and Spore Powder, but they have designed their own OG Toothpaste made using Ganoderma lucidum, which is highly known for its cleansing and whitening ability. For more information on the Organo Gold brand or to sample some of their products, find a local representative and distributor who can assist with your conquest for excellent health.

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