Rebel Wilson’s First Outing as a Lead Skewers Romantic Comedies

New Line Cinema’s upcoming rom-com with a twist, Isn’t It Romantic, is about to land in theatres this Valentine’s Day. The movie stars Aussie-actress Rebel Wilson in the lead role and sports an all-star cast that includes: Adam DeVine, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra.

The film presents a different take on traditional rom-coms by trapping the leading character in one. This self-aware style provides the film with a lot of humor as it playfully pokes fun at popular rom-com tropes.

Wilson plays Natalie, a disgruntled architect with a chip on her shoulder for the unrealistic fantasy-world rom-coms exist in. After receiving a head injury at the hands of a purse-snatcher Natalie awakes to find herself trapped in the very fantasy-world she despises. “It’s like she’s stuck in her worst nightmare,” Wilson told Entertainment Weekly, “So she spends the rest of the film trying to escape.”

The whole idea of a romantic lead being self-aware in the idyllic setting of a romantic comedy is very funny, and Wilson looks as though she will be able to pull it off expertly. In the trailers no sooner does Natalie get injured then she wakes up in bed looking pristine.

New York has become the subject of a picture-postcard, her closet is filled with designer clothing, and her apartment is now bigger than most people’s houses. The skewing does not stop there as everyone she meets is super friendly, she now has a gay best friend, and even becomes caught in an impromptu musical number. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

The main plot revolves around Natalie running into a handsome stranger named Blake, played by an annoyingly perfect Liam Hemsworth. The unexpected encounter turns into an unexpected relationship, but soon becomes unexpectedly complicated when Natalie has unexpected feelings for her work friend Josh. At least that is what the trailers seem to show.

Adam LeVine plays Josh, who goes on to become the third point of a traditional rom-com love triangle. If that isn’t enough the film Natalie is trapped in is also rated PG-13. A condition hilariously lampooned in the fact that cursing is censored, and sex scenes are fast-forwarded to the next morning much to Natalie’s chagrin.

About Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is a fantastic character actress most notably known for her roles as Brynn in Bridesmaids, and Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. The actress hails from Australia where she enjoyed much success before coming stateside. Wilson is a playwright, stand-up comedienne, television personality, and producer in addition to being an actor and singer.

She first appeared on the scene in 2002 with the Westie Monologues, a musical she both wrote and produced. The Westie Monologues were followed by two other successful productions Spunks and Confessions of an Exchange Student. Wilson then traded the stage for the small screen.

Wilson appeared in numerous sitcoms, commercials, T.V. shows, and sketch comedy during her tenure in Australia. She broke out stateside in 2011 with Bridesmaids. Although Wilson appeared in other media after Bridesmaids, she did not make it big until Pitch Perfect. Isn’t It Romantic is her first outing as a lead, and hopefully will cement her such a position for the future.

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