Architecture is a crucial business in the real estate industry, as they are the designers behind houses and all sorts of buildings. Because of the importance of the designer in the project, professionals in the area, there are groups and institutions for them to unite and share their experiences.

Architects get clients because those clients appreciate the value of hiring an architect to do the design and schematics of their home or building that they want to erect. Architects, particularly the really good ones, are responsible for unique designs of buildings and different styles, which attract more people and attention towards them. Read more about AIA at

When one thinks of the wonders done in the architect profession, he or she would probably think Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Marina Sands in Singapore, The Bayterek in Kazakhstan, The Guggenheim Museum in Spain, or Taipei 101 In Taiwan, among many others. All of these architectural successes are only possible because of he value of design in the architecture profession.

The American Institue of Architects or AIA, headed by Robert Ivy as their Chief Executive Officer, is the architecture profession’s leading professional membership group composed of allied partners, emerging professionals, and of course, licensed architects.

The CEO Robert Ivy believes that increasing the public awareness on the value of design and architecture profession is the best way to help the members of the organization. AIA has more than two hundred employees working on its Washington DC headquarters as well as on their other 300 chapters. With that, AIA members benefit through the organization in three ways, namely, information, community-based support, and advocacy.

AIA members benefit in the information category through the information from AIA’s deep analysis on its regularly conducted market research. AIA selects the results of this market research that may have an effect on the architecture and construction profession, and their in-depth analysis of these results prepare their licensed architect members to react accordingly to changes that may affect their business. In other words, even if there are news or changes that can be detrimental to the construction and architecture profession, AIA members will never be caught off guard.

AIA members enjoy the community-based support from the organization through the access of countless web-based resources, available in the group. The organization also has more than a hundred forms and contracts used in the architecture and construction industry which members can take advantage of. AIA members also can get essential connections in the industry by meeting many influential people in the AIA’s yearly architecture conference.

And through AIA’s rewards program, CEO Robert Ivy rewards the members’ excellent achievements when it comes to design.

For his part, Robert Ivy has been credited for AIA reaffirming itself as the architecture profession’s most proactive, influential, professional and responsive architectural organization. Robert has been the leader of AIA since 2011.

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If you have been keen about the politics of the United States both on the local and national level then the recent presidential pardon given to one Mr. Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County Sheriff by President Donald Trump does not come as a surprise.

This is because in the past the two have shared opinions on several controversial issues the most memorable being the infamous birther movement which was a direct attack against President Barrack Obama claiming that he was not born in the United States and therefore did not deserve to be president as prescribed by the United States Constitution.

Despite the fact the Mr. Joe Arpaio had won up to 6 county sheriff elections and consequently serving as county sheriff for Maricopa county for close to two and a half decades, most of his policies have been divisive both on the local and national stage and as a result causing a lot of pain to a lot of people throughout his 24 year career.

When the courts found him culpable of criminal contempt most of his victims and opponents alike felt and thought that the former sheriff was finally going to pay his dues for the immense pain he has caused especially the Latino and Hispanic communities living in Maricopa County by being thrown behind bars.

However, this is not likely to happen as President Donald Trump has pardoned the 85-year-old crashing dreams of many of his victims who suffered in his hands either directly or indirectly through his hardline stance policies on immigration.

Many felt that losing the election was just the beginning of a long protracted way to justice especially for a man who had built his whole career by pushing and advocating for controversial policies about illegal immigration. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Considering the high population of Latino and Hispanic community in Maricopa County, Arizona Mr. Joe Arpaio was notorious for taking all measures necessary in a concerted effort against fighting illegal immigration and in the process many people’s basic civil rights were violated by the sheriff and his office.

The most famous case of the sheriff’s blatant disregard for civil rights involved Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who were illegally arrested by the sheriff and his team and as a result, violating the duo’s First Amendment rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

After a series of legal battles that ended up in the Court of Appeals, Mr. Arpaio and team were found guilty of arresting the journalists without probable cause with the ruling going further to state that the sheriff arrested the media personalities because they stood up against the wrong things that the sheriff and team were doing. As a result, the court awarded the two $3.7 million as settlement of their case.

This is the money Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used to set up the Frontera Fund which is an organization whose main objective is to support other not for profit groups which defend and advocate for civil and migration rights.

With people like Arpaio on the loose, it’s up to organizations like the Frontera Fund to stand up for civil rights.

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney who tries to always give people the attention they deserve. He works with companies to help them realize how they can help their employees and works with employees to help them realize how they can actually help the people who they work for. Jeremy Goldstein knows about corporate law and also knows there are things he can do to help people realize they have great opportunities to be successful. There have been different ways that Jeremy Goldstein has put his business practices into play and they have all led to him making the right choices for all of his clients. Learn more:


As Jeremy Goldstein talks more about corporate culture and how people can benefit from the different things that are going on in businesses, he knows there will be different ways that he can make money and he can help people through difficult times. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein tries to make sure there are different options for people who are a part of the business. He is not afraid to show people what they can do and how they can make more out of the situations they are in so that has led Jeremy Goldstein to get to the point where he currently is.


There have been many different ways in which people can learn more from Jeremy Goldstein and he knows that. Because of this, he consults with people to show them they are getting more attention than what others would typically give them. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein knows there will be different ways he can help people and give back to the community he is a part of. For Jeremy Goldstein to make these things work, he had to try and show people they have a chance to try different things.


In addition to advising people about the business and about the people for the businesses, Jeremy Goldstein tries to give advice to those who are looking for new options. He knows what it takes to make a positive impact on a community and knows the people who are a part of the community will be able to see there are different benefits. Jeremy Goldstein gives them everything they need to have successful businesses and navigate the waters that come along with running a business or being someone who works for a company that is trying to figure things out on their own.

The American Institute of Architects, which is otherwise known for its acronym “AIA,” is based in Washington DC and with Robert Ivy as their CEO and leader. The AIA, with around 200 employees and 300 chapters is the top membership group for emerging licensed architects, professionals and allied partners. It has more than a hundred forms and contracts that are used in the architecture and construction industry.

The main benefits AIA members receive come in the form of advocacy, information, and community-based support. The organization also keeps each of their members up to date with valuable information in the industry with their extensive market research on economic factors that might have some effect on the architecture industry. Not just that, AIA also provides their members with an in-depth analysis about the results of the market research they conducted to make sure each of their members know how to react to every vital information that they get.

The AIA hosts an architecture conference every year aptly named the AIA Conference and in this event, architects, aside from learning a lot from the speakers, can also establish good connections. Also, every year, the American Institute of Architects champions the core of an architect’s line of work and passion which is the value of design by raising awareness on it and public belief. Through this, the AIA ensures the future of their architects by having more people believe in the value of their work. Through AIA’s network of connections, its licensed architect members are provided with endless web-based resources. And with AIA’s awards program, the organization promotes and rewards the professional achievements and design excellence of their members.

AIA continues to set the architecture industry’s standards on contract documents, as they have always been doing, and this is one of the most significant factors why AIA is the leading architecture professional organization in the world. They also make sure to help each of their licensed architect members maintain their license status through AIA’s internal support and sponsorship system. Most important of them all, AIA’s mission and vision center around the advocacy to promote the architecture industry and its betterment.

Robert Ivy has been leading AIA since 2011, and since he became CEO, the AIA is once again reaffirming its position and legacy as an influential, proactive and responsive architecture organization. Robert Ivy believes that the best way to support their members is to continue their advocacy in raising public awareness and belief on the value of the architecture profession because as long as majority of the people have faith in it and more people starts valuing the profession, there will be more contracts and connections for their members, and it also helps them improve their skills. Visit:


There is nothing that holds up together like a family. The family is always there to support us even in our bad times. When a relative is convicted of a crime, it is hard for everyone to get used to the situation. However, human nature is designed to forget someone and stop missing them if they don’t hear from them. This may be easy for those outside the world because they have plenty of activities they can engage in for this to happen. For those in jail, they may feel neglected. The bitterness that piles up may cause hatred, and they may become worse individuals. Securus Technologies has helped solve this issue for everyone.

Securus Technologies has invented gadgets that facilitate communication between those in jail and the outside world. The parties can make video calls or audio calls. This helps the convicts in their healing process.

Sometimes although we want to schedule many meetings with the convicts, this may not be possible. This is because some detainees were the breadwinners of the families. When they are convicted, the family members got to find another mean of survival. They may have to take more than one job. This factor may, therefore, limit their ability to visit regularly. Their also inmates who are convicted in places that are far from home. Securus Technologies has considered all these factors. They have devices that can help you keep in touch with the convict from the comfort of your own home. With this technology, everyone is happy.

The Securus Technologies has helped solve many cases in the nation. This is because they have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that the gadgets are not misused. One investigation officer says that she overheard a woman convincing her son on how to answer investigation questions in the background of an inmate’s call. The woman was guilty of using drugs. The officer used this as evidence and solve the crime.


Waiakea is a renowned company that is well-known for producing volcanic bottled water. The company earns an incredible reputation for being the first volcanic water firm in Hawaii. The enterprise ensures that consumers access clean and quality water, which comprises of a variety of nutrients. Its slogan, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically, and Drink Healthy, spearheaded it to become among the leading firms in the industry globally.

Waiakea sources its water from rain and snow collected at the peak of Mauna Lao Volcano situated on the islands of Hawaii. The water is then purified using porous lava that adds minerals including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The filtration method used by the company to clean water adds it an alkaline pH ranging from 7.6 to 8.8. Waiakea water is later packed in degradable bottles that help in conservation of the environment.

The recycled plastic bottles are manufactured using less energy and water. The whole process of producing the BPA free, degradable water cans is under a 90.4 percent carbon emission strategy. Waiakea works hand-in-hand with the CarbonNeutral and Econometrica companies to ensure that they meet environmental standards. The water firm prides itself on being a recipient of the Most Socially Responsible Company in North America Gold, Food and Beverage Innovation Award for 2015 and the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative and Best Packaged Water.

Waiakea water was established five years ago and has grown under the stewardship of Ryan Emmons, who serves as a chief executive officer. Since its establishment, it has recorded a growth margin of over 1000 percent due to the increase in sales, with over one hundred thousand cases being distributed yearly. The water company earns an incredible reputation for their humanitarian efforts towards assisting communities in Africa. It is in partnership with Pump Aid, to ensure distribution of clean water through construction of water pumps. Over one million people have benefitted through charitable activities of Waiakea. In every liter purchased, the company donates six hundred and fifty liters to needy communities. The firm’s success in the corporate world has made it be ranked among the fastest growing companies in America.

Louis Chenevert has become one of the top business leaders in his industry. He is focused on innovation and improving the future. He grew to become a CEO dedicated to growing and executive the company’s objectives. One company he has helped grow is United Technologies. Louis Chenevert kept United Technologies a force in America’s economy.

One such technological advancement Louis Chenevert made was the GTF engine. The engine had less commotion than the standard engines on airliners. Louis Chenevert has accomplished so much including turning United Technologies into a $100 billion organization. Louis Chenevert was also a key player in the massive buyout of Goodrich for $18.4 billion dollars. Louis Chenevert is dedicated to growing and stretching his employees. He was influential in starting the Employee Scholar program which covers tuition fees for employees who deep their studies in their fields. This program has helped 40,000 employees earn their degrees.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation he was the production general manager at General Motors for 14 years. At UTC, he helped the company become the sole provider of F-35 engines to the United States government, beating out Rolls Royce. While the economy was declining he managed to keep the company afloat and deliver peak performance.

Louis Chenevert lived in Canada and earned a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montreal. Everywhere he has worked he has brought a tidal wave of success to those businesses. Louis Chenevert is a forward thinker and looking for revolutionary ideas to grow companies such as United Tecnologies and General Motors.

Louis Chenevert also previously worked with Goldman Sachs, working on finding the right time to invest in aviation and other organizations. He has been named person of the year in 2013. He continues to grow in his industry and looks ahead to the next challenge that he will face and solve. Louis R. Chenevert always puts his companies first before himself and focuses on improving the business in the way it works, which is part of his work in stewardship.

Michael Lacey is a professor who has mastered the art of excelling in education. He is a professor who has contributed greatly to the field of mathematics. Through the dedication and passion for mathematics, Michael Lacey has become an iconic Mathematics guru. He attained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

Michael Lacey has been committed to research and new innovations in his studies. He believes that there can be simpler ways to solve the mathematical problems that are not yet solvable. He has conducted research in the different fields of Mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Some of the fields he has majored in include the Probability and the Logarithm problems. As a professor at Georgia Institute, Michael Lacey has continued to instill his students with the knowledge of research and developing the passion for studying beyond class the subject.

He has been on the forefront to supervise young students in conducting their research and thus yielding great inventions in the mathematics discipline. He is also a member of the Mathematics Association of America where his contribution towards the science field cannot be understated.

Some of the research that Michael Lacey has conducted is about the probability of the Banach spaces. Solving this problem of the Banach spaces was one of the successful research that he has conducted. The formula for the problem has continued to be attributed to his research and invention. He has also worked in different universities as a tutor prior to the University of Georgia Institute that he joined in the year 2007.

One of the key issues the Michael Lacey has continued to prove to his students is the fact that the subject of Mathematics can be fun to study if you develop the passion for the subjects. He notes that that nature is all about mathematics. He gives examples of time calculations that are necessary for any personal planning.

Also, the order of the tasks is quoted as part of Mathematics. In his overall note, he states that without mathematics life would be very difficult and thus loving the subject should not only be an option but should be a priority for all the students.

Sussex Healthcare is known for its versatility when it comes to offering healthcare services. For years, this series of personal home care services has been acknowledged for its excellent services. Perhaps most importantly, Sussex has managed to offer excellent services through harsh economic times, a factor that better defines the company’s ability to deal with the challenges that the world has thrown towards it. Sussex has a wide range of person-centered activities, packages that are strategically placed to cater for the old.

Background of Information

Sussex Healthcare has been instrumental in dealing with old people. For decades, the company has invested in modern-era machines that can care for the derailed and disabled. The group has a special operating base that allows it to focus on delivering health-based services for clients. Sussex Healthcare has been winning the hearts of many juveniles who want to have their parents or grandparents cared for in nursing homes. This is because since its foundation, the company has managed to offer services that cannot be matched. Most of the services are health-based are treated as emergency cases. The aim of this urgency is based on saving lives as often; older people lose their lives to age-related diseases.

Services provided by Sussex

Sussex is known for operating residential, in addition to nursing care services, a factor that has enabled most families to send their old-age relatives to the well structured, homes. At Sussex, it is all about making sure that the aged are cared for. From those with dementia, to those with profound disabilities, it is evident that this facility is always ready to care for the affected. Sussex is known for caring for patients with neurological conditions, brain injury, in addition to autism. Until recently, the company has been offering services through the world’s latest innovations. This is also a selling point that Sussex utilizes. Being a dedicated team, Sussex has saved a lot of lives. Through trained professionals in the team, the nursing home care has been able to reach out to suffering families in many, different, ways.


Sussex Healthcare has many branches across the world. Perhaps that is why the company has managed to care for many people. Sussex Healthcare Homes offer services that match the needs of the affected patients. Often, these services would cost a huge fortune in conventional home care facilities. That is an additional factor that most families consider.

Nowadays everyone wants to use electricity even those in the remotest part of the globe. It has been made possible for everyone to at list have to access an electricity pole. But something that has been left to us to take care of how to make sure we use energy efficiently. That means that we have to watch how we treat the electronics in our homes or offices. That duty brought about the introduction of a bill. Bills san m up our daily usage, and at the end of the month we have to pay for, remembers nothing good comes easy.

Mostly we have heard people who have tried seeing to it that they use electricity to their level best but at the end of the day we get complaints from customers about expensive bills. How does this happen and what is the way out? Worry no more because we have a solution for that.


Most people do not know that electronic devices that are not in use and are still plugged tend to continue using energy. It does not matter if they’re on or have been shut down. They consume little by little, but the volume adds up to time. A smart mind is all that is required for a person to save up the money used for the wrong purpose. It is so easy since it’s all about assorting al devises from power strips and shutting them down when they’re not needed. People from Lone Star State have a significant advantage since because darkness to them will be history. Get details on Stream Energy at

About steam energy

Steam gas and Energy Company was founded by Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki. It came into existence after the release of the Texas electricity market back in 2014.The Public Utilities Commission of Texas gave license to Steam on the 21st of January 2005, and from there steam began its operations on March 7th, 2005 through enrollment of the Texas electricity customers.

From there Steam came up with a separate Multilevel marketing arm in 2014 which was used to see to it that their associates earned a commission from recruiting new members or selling to customers after getting the required number of product customers. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.