Oren Frank: Therapy For All.

Startups in the computing industry are some of the fasted ways to make money in this century. Young entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts like Oren Frank, the founder of the Talkspace startup, are establishing startups at a very fast rate all in the name of providing sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. These startups have reduced the world through connections and communication networks to a point where one does not need to move anything but a finger to get access to services on any continent. Though all that is true, it is not all startups that live to see a second day after launching. Like any business, online or virtual business needs to impress millions of users to maintain its presence and relevance in the market, otherwise, a lot of time and money would be wasted in creating a virtual platform that no one has a use for.

Unique and current ideas like, mental health, are useful in the development of an online start-up company since they are (i) needed, mental health is the most persistent health trend with people trying to either shine more light to it or develop its solutions, (ii) relevance, a mental health application is relevant because of the growing demand for psychotherapy services and lastly (iii) resources, there are too many skills professionals ready to serve the masses. These factors are some of the driving forces for Talkspace, an app co-founded by Oren Frank who is also the CEO. The app focuses mainly on the provision of psychotherapy services to people that need them worldwide. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Hiring Medical Professionals.

For Oren Frank to be able to achieve his goal for Talkspace, he and his team hired a chief medical officer to help with the expansion of the enterprise and in prescribing medicine online. With most employers acknowledging and taking mental health issues more seriously than ever, being in a position that allows one to provide effective care and medicine for its clients is important to Oren Frank’s business. These lead to the hiring of Neil Leibowitz, a chief medical officer.

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