Malcolm CasSelle: Improving Virtual Trades Through WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is an American programmer and entrepreneur who introduced the WAX platform, which is one of the most in-demand trading platforms for online players. The WAX platform was created to limit the number of fraudulent transactions within the game, giving the players a fresh breath of air away from those who just wanted to steal their items. The WAX platform is also changing the way online games are played because more players are trying to become investors themselves by keeping a rare item and waiting for its value to rise. With the confidence that the item would not be stolen, the number of trades would also climb up. It is a victory for Malcolm CasSelle himself because he had to develop the program for months and even years before he can upload it online. The platform is an advanced type of a program that uses blockchain technology for security purposes. This technology makes the online gaming world a safer place for gamers, especially those who are trading high grade or rare items that are worth a fortune in the real world.

For Malcolm CasSelle, it is essential that there would be a level of organization for each guild that is actively trading with players around the world. These guilds would select the people who would serve as the guards when trading with other players, to ensure that the item traded does exist and that there will be an item on hand. Most of the time, fraudulent transactions are being caught because of blockchain technology. Since the technology was introduced, the number of fraudulent transactions online went down. The WAX platform is one of the first proponents of a gaming world that uses the blockchain technology, and they are effective in dealing with the high number of fraudulent transactions happening within the game.

Malcolm CasSelle stated that he would keep on innovating the technology that he created, and the gamers should expect a highly secured platform that would succeed the WAX technology in the years to come. For him and his company, the safety of every transaction comes first, and they will do everything to achieve it.

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