Luxury Real Estate Is On The Rise In Miami Beach

According to the Miami Herald, this year is going to be a very good year to buy luxury real estate in Miami Beach. It’s a buyers market, according to ONE Sotheby’s International Reality, because of plenty of luxury homes that are on the market. This result of this will be the owners of these properties will need to reduce the price they are asking in order to sell the home.

The value of homes that sellers are expected to reduce their prices range from $1 million to $5 million. In 2016, Miami Beach had 36% more properties in this range than in 2012. Most homes for sale are under $1 million which will also cause the owners of luxury homes to reduce prices.

One of the real estate experts that buys and sells homes in Miami Beach is Samuel Strauch. Strauch has been the Principal of Metrick Real Estate since 2002. When he took over the agency it was a much smaller presence in the real estate market than what Samuel Strauch has built the company into. Metrick Real Estate still has real estate agents that assist people in buying and selling homes but it also now provides equity & development services as well as property management.

Samuel Strauch has also expanded Metrick Real Estate beyond Florida real estate and into the real estate markets in several Latin American countries. Samuel Strauch also helps foreigners looking to buy real estate in South Florida including the citizens of Mexico. The buyers are looking to increase the value of their portfolios and Samuel Strauch uses his knowledge of the real estate market to find homes that are good investments. Owning real estate in Florida also gives Mexican buyers peace of mind due to the economic insecurity that Mexico is facing.

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