JD.com Just Added An Incredible New Service For The Benefit Of Its Countless Loyal Customers:

As the largest retailer and e-commerce business in China and one of the world’s largest overall, JD.com is always searching for new ways to innovate and provide the best possible solutions for its customer base in order to fit their needs. The company has been on an expansion path recently with the launch of exciting an e commerce platforms in Indonesia and Thailand and now JD.com is making some big moves on the Chinese homefront by opening up its substantial and impressive logistical network up to everyday consumers and businesses so that they can send packages wherever they need around the entire country.

Shipping packages quickly and efficiently across China will be easier than it has ever been before for JD.com customers that reside in major metropolitan areas such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. This is because JD.com is now going to be providing a revolutionary package delivery system through its e-commerce network that will allow customers in these cities to sent items that they need to ship around all of mainland China. JD.com has been consistently moving in this direction for a while now in terms of offering up its extensive infrastructure as well as its own proprietary technology to businesses and shippers across China that need a better way to send items.

A part of the overall program that JD.com is planning to implement in this latest move includes the shipment of items of high value including quality luxury products and high-end electronics of a consumer nature. Customers will also be impressed with the amount of the diversity in shipping options that they will enjoy as a part of JD.com opening up its impressive logistical network to customers. At the end of the day, these are the kinds of moves that have made JD.com world leader in retail and e-commerce.