Fabletics by Kate Hudson: Amazon’s Next Big Rival

According to statistics, a quarter of the e-commerce fashion market belongs to Amazon. However, a strong rival for the company has emerged which is no other than Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Just in a short period of three years, Fabletics has transformed into a multimillion dollar business. There are only two things which brought this success: activewear and reverse showroom technique. Customers’ favorite brands and membership combine to generate sales.


There was a time when high-value brands were known for their quality and price. Things have changed now, and the old strategy does not work anymore. Now brands require popularity, awesome service, gaming effects, friendly customer service, and unique designs to keep things going. Fabletics is doing all that which has made it as good as Warby Parker and Apple. Fabletics has more than a dozen stores all over the US, and a new one will open soon.


According to General Manager of Fabletics, modern and reimagined version of the high-value brand is what Fabletics is developing from day one. He further said that membership mode allows the company to offer tailored service and newest fashion trends at lower prices. Companies can make customers happy when they know customers’ choice.


The company made browsing a positive thing and worked on building relationships with its customers. Avoiding the use of pop-up store was to become more reliable for customers. Fabletics took its time to understand the local markets by attending events and activities. The results were great. Half of the people entering Fabletics’s stores were members, and a quarter more became members there. A clothing article goes into the shopping cart of the customer while she is trying it. Fabletics wants customers to enjoy the freedom to buy products from where ever they like. It is why the company made retail a separate service.


Another great thing about Fabletics is to show the correct information about products in both physical and digital forms. Customers like that company which provides them the right information. Digital information is helpful to decide which item should be placed at the store because trends and tastes keep changing. Fabletics collects this information from sales activity, social media, membership preferences, and store heat-mapping.


Customers have very good reviews about Fabletics. One of them is a blogger named Teri Hutcheon. According to her, the experience with Fabletics is awesome. When she joined the Fabletics, it began with taking a survey which was about the types of workouts she used to do. The survey also asked what type of outfits does she likes. Every month, a workout outfit is selected for the member. The selected outfit is according to the information provided in that survey. Tori said that the quality was much higher than she expected. There is a wide range of styles which include fun items. The value is solid considering what one gets for around fifty dollars. The website is easy to use, and the customer service is fairly good.

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