Eric Lefkofsky Is Making The Information That Doctors Need More Accessible:

Healthcare entrepreneur Erik Lefkofsky has recently started his newest venture which is called Tempus. A massive piece of news recently broke from the Tempus camp as it has been revealed that the firm has recently been able to generate $110 million in capital that is being used to launch the company’s new mobile app. This revolutionary and innovative app will serve to provide clinical data directly to the doctors who need it. The ability to be able to access a patient’s information is a critical thing for a doctor and the new Tempus startup from Erik Lefkofsky is accomplishing the task of making this possible by providing this information to doctors in a secure manner.

This critical fundraising for Tempus was accomplished by making use of a funding round from Series E. With the funding Tempus has make use of the molecular and clinical data that it deals with in order to have the new mobile app created. Doctors can now access data such as genomic information and clinical information more efficiently than has ever been possible before. This amazing Tempus Labs app that has been developed by Erik Lefkofsky and company is conveniently available through Google Play as well as being available through the App Store. Doctors who wish to use the revolutionary Tempus app jut have to make an order of a validated assay called Tempus CLIA/CAP

While he is constantly busy with projects such as Tempus, Erik Lefkofsky is also consistently busy working with his philanthropy that is know as The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He founded the charity back in 2006 and it has a primary goal of enhancing the overall quality of human life in general. Working towards the consistent improvement of human rights is a significant part of the work done by The Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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