David McDonald leads OSI Group to succeed in the food industry

David McDonald is a recognized professional who went to study Animal Science at the Iowa State University. He worked hard, and his efforts saw him graduate successfully and immediately land a job. When he was growing up, David would visit the farm located in the northeast of Iowa, and that is why he developed industry in animal science. His career has been outstanding, and he has been recognized with several awards. For example, he was honored with the Wallace E. Brown that is coveted. His career has been successful since he started working at OSI which is a leading global supplier of meat products. He has worked hard and promoted to become the Chief Operating Officer of the company. The company is renowned for providing its customers with quality products and services.

David McDonald is an entrepreneur who is focused on transforming the state of Iowa using the resources he has acquired over time. He believes in helping others to succeed, and he has been doing this by taking part in agricultural initiatives. He has been using different techniques to accomplish goals. He has been leading OSI Group to carry out its operations sustainably. He has also led it to acquire several companies like Baho Food that is a Dutch firm.

One of the primary goals of David McDonald since he joined OSI Group is to expand it beyond the United States. He wants to establish its presence in Europe, and that is why they have purchased several companies based in Europe. He works at the company as the Chief Operating Officer. He is also serving at the same institution as the president. He has acquired these positions after successfully working at OSI Group for more than thirty years. Before rising to the top ranks, he was working at the company as the project manager. But he was dedicated in his work, and that is why has risen to become the president of OSI Group. He has also worked for a food firm that is based in South Africa known as Marfrig Global Food. He serves the organization as an independent director. Being on the board of directors of OSI Group, he has managed to make the best decisions for the company. He has ensures that the vision of the founders of this company is accomplished. He will not relent in this work until the company goes to all the countries.

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