Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental, was pleased to announce the hire of Jackson Hildebrand as MB2 Dental’s new chief financial officer. Jackson Hildebrand has a long and successful history in the financial sector, and he is well positioned to increase the financial success of MB2. Jackson Hildebrand had wanted to make the move from private equity and work for a portfolio based company. He sees the potential in MB2 Dental, and he sees the same corporate climate and culture in the company that he recognizes in himself.

Part of that culture in the charitable work of the company. As the company is based in Dallas, it felt that the support needed after Hurricane Harvey was something that it needed to be involved in. It was one of the worst hurricanes in American history. The destruction hit so close to home that MB2 Dental Solutions immediately began its efforts to help those affected. After the Hurricane that hit August 25, 2017, it has so far raised more than $83,000 from its own company and through affiliates that it has across Texas. Those affiliates are based around the country in Alaska, Tennessee, Louisiana and New Mexico and they also immediately began to raise money for the victims. The Hurricane had an effect on offices and employees of MB2 Dental Solutions. More than 200 employees felt the devastation of the hurricane, and they had huge financial losses.

MB2 Dental will not stop at the $83,000 it has so far raised, and it hopes to raise over $100,000. While the company is waiting to reach their goal, it is already in the process of distributing the funds they have to help those in need. Dr. Chris Villanueva saw that his fellow Texans needed urgent help, and he knew that his company needed to do something. MB2 is proud of the communities it serves, and it did not hesitate in beginning the relief effort.

MB2 Dental Solutions supports dentists across the country, and it enables them to focus on patient care. MB2 offers a wide range of support in dental management, and it brings together dentists to collaborate and work to support each other.

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Eric Lefkofsky prides himself as the brainchild behind the widely acclaimed Tempus-a technology firm that specializes in the provision of technology-driven precision medicine solutions. The Chicago-based company utilizes data to provide efficient individualized care to patients.

Founded in 2015, Tempus majorly focuses on finding innovative methods of treating and managing cancer. As the founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky is responsible for spearheading of efforts to get partners and source for funding critical the realization of the company’s goals. In 2018, Tempus received $80 million worth of funding from a pool of investors including New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth and Kinship Trust Co. among others.

Tempus resources and funds go towards the collection and utilization of clinical data to uncover alternative cancer treatment methods that ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. For Eric Lefkofsky, it is crucial for Tempus to maintain close relationships with organizations and individuals who are together with them in the run to find more effective ways of treating cancer, from drug companies to individual doctors.

Lefkofsky is a talented author having penned ‘Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation’-a book that focuses on technology. He studied at the University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor at the same institution’s Law School. Eric Lefkofsky has a strong social media presence using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lefkofsky is also well-known for his philanthropic activities through the Eric Lefkofsky Foundation, which focuses on children. Over 50 organizations have benefitted from funds from the trust. He, together with his wife joined a campaign dubbed “The Giving Pledge” to encourage other wealthy individuals to participate more on philanthropic causes.

Eric Lefkofsky is celebrated not only as a successful entrepreneur and innovator but also as a dedicated philanthropist focused on improving and touching the lives through philanthropy and medical solutions.

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Healthcare entrepreneur Erik Lefkofsky has recently started his newest venture which is called Tempus. A massive piece of news recently broke from the Tempus camp as it has been revealed that the firm has recently been able to generate $110 million in capital that is being used to launch the company’s new mobile app. This revolutionary and innovative app will serve to provide clinical data directly to the doctors who need it. The ability to be able to access a patient’s information is a critical thing for a doctor and the new Tempus startup from Erik Lefkofsky is accomplishing the task of making this possible by providing this information to doctors in a secure manner.

This critical fundraising for Tempus was accomplished by making use of a funding round from Series E. With the funding Tempus has make use of the molecular and clinical data that it deals with in order to have the new mobile app created. Doctors can now access data such as genomic information and clinical information more efficiently than has ever been possible before. This amazing Tempus Labs app that has been developed by Erik Lefkofsky and company is conveniently available through Google Play as well as being available through the App Store. Doctors who wish to use the revolutionary Tempus app jut have to make an order of a validated assay called Tempus CLIA/CAP

While he is constantly busy with projects such as Tempus, Erik Lefkofsky is also consistently busy working with his philanthropy that is know as The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He founded the charity back in 2006 and it has a primary goal of enhancing the overall quality of human life in general. Working towards the consistent improvement of human rights is a significant part of the work done by The Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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