It is one of the mysteries, challenges and threats of the modern society to be able to have all these gadgets of connectivity and then yet have people who feel anxiety and total disconnect from their friends and families. The modern life has bred a generation of depressed individuals that are said to have been victims of their environment. The more modern we become, the more complicated the issues that the personalities in our society have. This is the reason that many solutions come up to address such issue, and one of them that can zero in on the right answers to these problems is Talkspace, which is a popular therapy app that’s based in New York City.

The Damage to People’s Mental Health

There are many issues today that harm the society, and according to a feature from Talkspace, the words we use could also be a threat and a damage to the people we talk to. Some of these words and phrases include those that we hear when we go to reunions. It is said by the article that being at the receiving end of questions like, “When are you having a baby?” would now be a trigger for one’s mental health. This might not be a lot but it is already something that one can feel sad about, and these words should be avoided in situations where we know that this might be upset one’s feelings.

There’s also another feature in Talkspace that talks about how friendship break-ups can also take a toll on one’s mental health. The loss in a friendship break-up is real, and should not be set aside.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is right now one of the best apps or platforms that you can seek professional help for your psychological issues. According to Glassdoor, it’s also a company full of positive work ethics and warm outgoing workforce.