Todd Lubar may be one of the many business leaders today who believe greatly in the potential of Baltimore to generate more jobs and promote an entrepreneurial culture among its residents. In an article released in Patch, we can read that Baltimore is not only known as the Charm City, but it’s also in the rise for becoming a perfect spot for start-ups to relocate. We can understand how this analysis has come up because of the recent data showing the current status of the business culture in Baltimore.


An analysis from Lubar also indicates that the old buildings in Baltimore are now being refurbished into hip living spaces today for the younger generation who might want to build a career in Baltimore. It also helps that there’s not yet an evident high cost of living in the city, making it more attractive for businessmen to move their operations in the city. Business leaders today also go for the option of building their enterprise in Baltimore because of the local government’s intensive support for a thriving business culture and a hiring system that attracts big talents around the area.


Lubar also believes that more families would be moving to Baltimore anytime soon. With more jobs coming into the city, there would be much improved in the public transportation of the city, making it more livable for any type of family.


In the Medium article that Lubar wrote, it’s also significantly revealed that Potomac is also another livable area that’s growing fast today. Retail establishments have been popping up in the area and have been helping the economy of Potomac. With such growing industry, more businesses will come together to provide even more fantastic opportunities to the job seekers in the region.


One big change or progress in the world of real estate in Potomac Area is, according to Lubar, initiated by the rise of the food chain complex called Cabin John Village. This food establishment showcases the best culinary options of Potomac and offers a lot of options for both the young professionals in the area and the new residents who have families there. Potomac used to be a quiet place. But now, Lubar is excited that there are many more options for the people in Potomac to enjoy the conveniences that mostly are just reserved for bigger and more mainstream cities.


About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar went to Syracuse University and is a local resident of Maryland, Baltimore. He is also the President of TDL Global Ventures and offers his expertise and strong background in real estate sales to help clients and investors get most out of their investments. He is also an active volunteer in Baltimore and spends most of his time improving the communities in Baltimore.

According to the Miami Herald and Curbed Miami, 2017 is starting to look like the luxury residential real estate market will be a great time to buy. The reason for this is that there are a great many luxury homes on the market competing with each other. Sellers in the range of $1 million to $5 million are expected to reduce their home’s asking prices in order to appeal to buyers.

In 2016 there were 36% more single-family, luxury homes available for sale over the same period of time in 2012. Meanwhile, prices are about 3.5% lower now than in 2012 and expected to dip further. As most of Miami Beach is near the waterfront that segment of the luxury home market is expected to take the largest pricing reduction.

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Samuel Strauch has formed Metrik Real Estate into three key areas. The first is equity and development of residential real estate. The second is the company’s brokerage where they assist their customers looking to buy or sell their homes. The third branch of Metrik Real Estate that Samuel Strauch created is property management where they manage properties for the owners that are rental properties. Many people who want to rent out their homes don’t want to deal with finding renters and ongoing issues which is where Strauch steps in and manages all these details for them.

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