The Center for Treatment and Assessment was founded by Roseann Bennett, which offers their services as a nonprofit mental health firm. The company is based in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Through the years Roseann Bennett has dedicated his career to helping those people that will be in need. She attended the Seton Hall University where she graduated with an MA and Ed.s. in marriage making her a family therapy. To practice in family therapy then someone has to have the license from the licensed marriage and family therapist which Bennett has and the master certificates she has them too from the REACH Institute.


The one thing that Roseann Bennett is passionate about is the Center for Treatment and Assessment, and over the years her hard work and perseverance has been of help in achieving the success of the company. Together with the help of her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett, they dedicate their time in making sure that patients with mental health issues will receive the best care no matter the finance that they have and if they have insurance or not. Roseann is a passionate caregiver and entrepreneur, and that is the reason why she is working so hard to see that there is a change in how people are viewing mental health and ensuring that anyone in need of the care they will receive it. Find Additional Information Here.


During the Mental Health Awareness Week, there was an issue that Bennett addressed, and that is the telemedicine. That it will be of help because anyone will be able to talk to a therapist just by the use of technology through the emails, text or skype. Roseann Bennett talked about the so many advantages of the Telemedicine, but still, she said that people should be careful in letting it be a complete replacement of interaction with a therapist face to face.


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