Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO of MB2 Dental, was pleased to announce the hire of Jackson Hildebrand as MB2 Dental’s new chief financial officer. Jackson Hildebrand has a long and successful history in the financial sector, and he is well positioned to increase the financial success of MB2. Jackson Hildebrand had wanted to make the move from private equity and work for a portfolio based company. He sees the potential in MB2 Dental, and he sees the same corporate climate and culture in the company that he recognizes in himself.

Part of that culture in the charitable work of the company. As the company is based in Dallas, it felt that the support needed after Hurricane Harvey was something that it needed to be involved in. It was one of the worst hurricanes in American history. The destruction hit so close to home that MB2 Dental Solutions immediately began its efforts to help those affected. After the Hurricane that hit August 25, 2017, it has so far raised more than $83,000 from its own company and through affiliates that it has across Texas. Those affiliates are based around the country in Alaska, Tennessee, Louisiana and New Mexico and they also immediately began to raise money for the victims. The Hurricane had an effect on offices and employees of MB2 Dental Solutions. More than 200 employees felt the devastation of the hurricane, and they had huge financial losses.

MB2 Dental will not stop at the $83,000 it has so far raised, and it hopes to raise over $100,000. While the company is waiting to reach their goal, it is already in the process of distributing the funds they have to help those in need. Dr. Chris Villanueva saw that his fellow Texans needed urgent help, and he knew that his company needed to do something. MB2 is proud of the communities it serves, and it did not hesitate in beginning the relief effort.

MB2 Dental Solutions supports dentists across the country, and it enables them to focus on patient care. MB2 offers a wide range of support in dental management, and it brings together dentists to collaborate and work to support each other.

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MB2 Dental is a unique company that specializes in affiliate dental practice management services that seeks to create partnerships with dentists across the United States.

This company currently has over seventy locations across six states and is seeking to expand its reach by reaching out to both novice and experienced dentists who are seeking solutions in managing their dental practices.

The focus of MB2 is on effectively and efficiently running dental practices. The mission of this company is to provide owners of dental businesses with professional experts who can help with all types of non-clinical tasks, which will help dentists make strategic business decisions.

This allows dental professionals to focus on important jobs such as patient care. In addition, this company believes in four important core areas: excellence, teamwork, integrity and innovation.

According to Crunchbase, MB2 Dental can help with a myriad of areas that are important to any dental practice. For example, dentists who partner with this company can expect help with human resources and staff management.

Dentists can receive assistance with accounting and finance to ensure that sound financial decisions are made in regards to the business.

Also, help can be obtained with vital tasks that deal with credentials of the dentist and compliance in the workplace. Dentists who partner with MB2 Dental will also be provided with services in the field of information technology to ensure the dental office is using updated technology and works continuously, so that patient care is not affected when IT problems do occur.

Dental offices can also get assistance in the area of marketing to help dentists make sure their schedules stay filled with a steady patient volume.

The services provided by MB2 Dental do not stop there. While dentists maintain focus on patient care and treatment, they can receive help in the area of recruitment for all types of positions needed to keep the dental practice running smoothly and help with procurement of quality supplies at the best possible prices.

Since dentists and their employees may be interested in career development, this company can assist with the training needs of the staff of the dental practice. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/tx/irving/akhil-reddy-dds-reviews-6887922.htm

Finally, MB2 Dental even helps with business development from the planning stage to the implementation stage. In short, this company seeks partnerships with dentists who desire support and assistance to help their businesses run smoothly while they give their patients the time, attention and care they deserve.