Sightsavers has been in the forefront in dealing with blindness across the world. The organization works tirelessly to improve the lives of people who are likely to be affected by eye-related complications as well as assisting the blind. That is not all. The organization engages in the various humanitarian program especially in the area of health. Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), especially in the developing nations, have been the primary target of these program maintained by this organization. In fact, these nations account for more than half of its budgetary allocations. Due to its various humanitarian programs, the organization has received many recommendations. One such entity which has recommended Sightsavers for funding is GiveWell. Although Sightsavers mainly deals with eye-related issues, it has gone a step further to initiate a deworming program.

Deworming has been done in many parts of Africa. The program mainly targets the less privileged people in the continent who cannot afford quality healthcare or who live in the most deplorable situations. Some of the nations which have benefited from the mass drug administration programs courtesy of Sightsavers include Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea. In Cameroon, Sightsavers has been instrumental in supporting research-related activities in the area of deworming. More African countries have benefited from this initiative. When carrying out the deworming exercise, Sightsavers treats the entire children population in the region under focus. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a critical role in providing statistics on the areas where this assistance is needed. Children are the key benefits of such projects although adults are also treated in areas where there is a high prevalence of these complications. This goes hand in hand with the goal of Sightsavers which was established to ensure a healthy population across the world.

Assessing the Program

Although in some instances the organization initiates these programs on its own, there are some instances where governments request it to step in and assist. In such scenarios, the organization assists in funding and the provision of technical assistance to the participating government and other stakeholders. Sightsavers uses several methods to implement these deworming exercises. Trained volunteers can be used in the targeted communities to distribute the medication from household to household. The services can also take place in a fixed position where they can run for days, weeks or even months. Additionally, schoolteachers can be trained to provide these services to the children. In many instances, the organization combines volunteers and school teachers to make this program effective.