The first presidential pardon that president trump issued was to one of his earliest supporters sheriff Joe Arpaio. This was a man who has been in Trump’s corner since the beginning of the birther movement. This was a group that came out to claim that President Obama was not born in the United States and thus had not been elected lawfully to the office.

This assertion although obnoxious and sad would mark the beginning of a campaign that would propel a former TV star to the white house. Sheriff Joe has hard quite a turbulent time as a sheriff this was especially in his final years where he would face a barrage of lawsuits for his actions over the years.

The sheriff was first elected to office in 1992 then fresh from working as a Drug enforcement officer. He had promised his constituents to bring change to the office, but instead, he ended up being one of the most controversial figures as an elected law enforcer. He developed a habit of racial profiling and specifically targeting the Hispanic community in Maricopa. The profiling was systematic and was embraced by his office to the extent that it seemed normal.

The sheriff would nickname himself America’s toughest sheriff this was founded on his twisted policy on immigration. He established a tented camp which was used as a jail. This tented camps nicknamed by the sheriff “concentration centers” would be a place where inmates would meet some of the greatest injustices meted on inmates and detainees.

The inmates were routinely beaten up, and women who were expectant shackled to their beds as they gave birth. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

This were violations of there fundamental human rights, and this was some of the areas that Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey devoted their efforts on. The pair who are former owners of the phoenix new times were dedicated journalists always focused on finding the truth and reporting that same truth through there platforms.

The reports that they wrote did not flatter the sheriff as they always seemed to paint him in bad light. This, however, was not a biased move but rather a reflection of the true fate of affairs under the sheriff’s administration.

In 2004 the paper printed an expose that detailed the sheriff’s investments in real estate that was worth more than half a million dollars for a man who was a public servant. This report was deeply personal for the sheriff and seemed to be the final straw for him. The sheriff would from that point on make it his mission to get back at all those associated with the phoenix new times.

He banned their reporters from his press conferences and continuously threatened them.

When he finally decided to arrest Jim and Micheal, it marked the beginning of a protracted battle that would see the sheriff lose a case and the taxpayer forced to bear the impact of the sheriff’s actions when they were forced to settle for 3.75 million.

This money is today part of what funds the Frontera fund.

Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur in the modern day markets, then there are essential qualities that you must embrace. Some of the most respected individuals in the market have managed to move to the top because of the personal qualities they have been taught since childhood. Individuals who are not keen when making any investment do not end up with good returns. People like Roberto Santiago are just the perfect example of how the modern entrepreneur should look like. Santiago is a renowned trader and mall owner who is based in Brazil. The businessman is the real definition of success to many people in the world. Individuals who have met or even spoken to the businessman know how far he has come over the years.


Roberto Santiago understands how complex the market is, and this is why he decided to go for a course in business so that he could become successful. After graduating from college, the businessman realized that he was only interested in businessman, and he decided to enroll for a special degree in this course. This was actually one of the best things that the investor ever did in his career life. By the time he was finishing this degree, the businessman was ready for the tight market. The skills he got at the prestigious educational center assisted him in setting up his first business.


After his school, Roberto Santiago realized that he was interested in setting up a business that would specialize in the production of packaging products. Fortunately for the businessman, this small company did well, and it was always making great profits at the end of the month. Manufacturing companies based in Brazil liked the kind of packaging materials from Santiago’s company, and this made the businessman very wealthy. The success he acquired while operating this small company has played a leading role in the career of the renowned investor.


In 1987, Roberto noticed a growing market in real estate. While most people were scared of trying their luck in this market, the businessman decided to take the bull by the horns and invest the profits he was getting from his company into the real estate department. The first piece of land he acquired changed his career life completely. The small land was in a great environment in his home area, and it was ideal for a shopping mall. Roberto noticed that people in his home town were travelling for long distance when in need of shopping. Santiago established a large shopping mall that has been named The Manaira Shopping Mall, and he has changed lives in the country. The shopping mall has excellent services that have never been in Brazil before. People who need a great experience visit the mall often.


Being the founder and chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi has proven to be one of the most experienced experts in economics and in the investment industry. He founded the company in 2009 after working for several others for a couple of years. Kerrisdale Capital Management has since grown from handling $1.5 million in management to a whopping $150 million.

Sahm Adrangi loves writing about stocks, and so, he has published numerous articles on shorts and longs principles in the stock market. However, most of his critics do not consider his progress positive because he is good at pointing out misconceptions and providing the right way forward. He does most of his publications through his Twitter account, personal website and other third-party websites.

Sahm Adrangi earned his first degree from Yale University. He got his first job at the Deutsche Bank, where he learned a lot on leveraging loan debts and building high-yield investment portfolios. His experience was later diversified when he joined Chanin Capital Partners. There, he was in charge of bankruptcy and restructuring situations out of the court. A couple of years later, he was hired by Longacre Management as an analyst. Longacre is a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund that specializes on credit financing.

His works have been published by major media houses, including the Wall Street Journal, the BusinessWeek, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Aside from that, he has also been featured as a speaker in several conferences, such as the Distressed Debt Investing Conference and the Activist Investor Conference.

Sahm Adrangi was first recognized when he exposed the works of two fraudulent firms in 2011 and 2010. He was able to pinpoint the wrongdoings of China Marine Food Group as well as those of China-Biotics. The information he provided assisted the Securities and Exchange Commission to take preliminary stern action on the two Chinese companies. Since then, he has played numerous activist roles in different industries. For instance, he exposed the misgivings of Globalstar’s proposal, which was intended to provide Terrestrial Low Power Service (TLPS). He has also featured Northern Dynasty Minerals in his articles regarding market valuation for the mining sector. via twitter

Louis Chenevert is one Chief Executive Officer that left quite a legacy at United Technologies Corporation. As a positive force of nature at the multi-billion dollar business Mr. Chenevert operates UTC with values that exceed most CEO’s. He also focused on growing the company by leaps and bounds when it comes to long term goals, the employees and people, and keeping UTC as innovative as possible.

United Technologies Corporation is a multinational conglomerate of businesses, one of them being Pratt & Whitney. Way back in 1999, Louis Chenevert was President of Pratt & Whitney. He knew that their GTF engine would become something very important so he got UTC to invest in them. 20 years and $10 billion dollars later they designed a truly superior jet engine. Over 14 airlines use this engine and 70 aircraft. This specific jet engine cut emissions by 50 percent and fuel consumption by 16 percent. The successful businessman had a bigger vision that worked out very well for UTC. Also with the help of Louis Pratt & Whitney invested $1 billion dollars into multiple manufacturing plants all over the country including in Florida, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Michigan, and Georgia. With all these incredible plants Pratt & Whitney is able to meet the needs of their current clients and even future clients.

With Louis Chenevert’s vision he would marry United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney together to make a even better more successful corporation grow. This also meant creating more jobs for a plethora of new employees. A few years later UTC hired 25,000 new employees and created over 5,000 new jobs. He values the employees and what they have to offer UTC. Before Louis Chenevert was a powerful force at UTC he worked at General Motors for 14 years. The businessman was born in Canada. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal. Mr. Chenevert has won a number of awards. Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine named Louis “Person of the Year” in 2011. In that same year he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. On top of that The National Building Museum made Louis the recipient of their Honor Award.

If you have been keen about the politics of the United States both on the local and national level then the recent presidential pardon given to one Mr. Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County Sheriff by President Donald Trump does not come as a surprise.

This is because in the past the two have shared opinions on several controversial issues the most memorable being the infamous birther movement which was a direct attack against President Barrack Obama claiming that he was not born in the United States and therefore did not deserve to be president as prescribed by the United States Constitution.

Despite the fact the Mr. Joe Arpaio had won up to 6 county sheriff elections and consequently serving as county sheriff for Maricopa county for close to two and a half decades, most of his policies have been divisive both on the local and national stage and as a result causing a lot of pain to a lot of people throughout his 24 year career.

When the courts found him culpable of criminal contempt most of his victims and opponents alike felt and thought that the former sheriff was finally going to pay his dues for the immense pain he has caused especially the Latino and Hispanic communities living in Maricopa County by being thrown behind bars.

However, this is not likely to happen as President Donald Trump has pardoned the 85-year-old crashing dreams of many of his victims who suffered in his hands either directly or indirectly through his hardline stance policies on immigration.

Many felt that losing the election was just the beginning of a long protracted way to justice especially for a man who had built his whole career by pushing and advocating for controversial policies about illegal immigration. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Considering the high population of Latino and Hispanic community in Maricopa County, Arizona Mr. Joe Arpaio was notorious for taking all measures necessary in a concerted effort against fighting illegal immigration and in the process many people’s basic civil rights were violated by the sheriff and his office.

The most famous case of the sheriff’s blatant disregard for civil rights involved Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who were illegally arrested by the sheriff and his team and as a result, violating the duo’s First Amendment rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

After a series of legal battles that ended up in the Court of Appeals, Mr. Arpaio and team were found guilty of arresting the journalists without probable cause with the ruling going further to state that the sheriff arrested the media personalities because they stood up against the wrong things that the sheriff and team were doing. As a result, the court awarded the two $3.7 million as settlement of their case.

This is the money Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used to set up the Frontera Fund which is an organization whose main objective is to support other not for profit groups which defend and advocate for civil and migration rights.

With people like Arpaio on the loose, it’s up to organizations like the Frontera Fund to stand up for civil rights.

Louis Chenevert has become one of the top business leaders in his industry. He is focused on innovation and improving the future. He grew to become a CEO dedicated to growing and executive the company’s objectives. One company he has helped grow is United Technologies. Louis Chenevert kept United Technologies a force in America’s economy.

One such technological advancement Louis Chenevert made was the GTF engine. The engine had less commotion than the standard engines on airliners. Louis Chenevert has accomplished so much including turning United Technologies into a $100 billion organization. Louis Chenevert was also a key player in the massive buyout of Goodrich for $18.4 billion dollars. Louis Chenevert is dedicated to growing and stretching his employees. He was influential in starting the Employee Scholar program which covers tuition fees for employees who deep their studies in their fields. This program has helped 40,000 employees earn their degrees.

Before joining United Technologies Corporation he was the production general manager at General Motors for 14 years. At UTC, he helped the company become the sole provider of F-35 engines to the United States government, beating out Rolls Royce. While the economy was declining he managed to keep the company afloat and deliver peak performance.

Louis Chenevert lived in Canada and earned a bachelor’s degree in production management from the University of Montreal. Everywhere he has worked he has brought a tidal wave of success to those businesses. Louis Chenevert is a forward thinker and looking for revolutionary ideas to grow companies such as United Tecnologies and General Motors.

Louis Chenevert also previously worked with Goldman Sachs, working on finding the right time to invest in aviation and other organizations. He has been named person of the year in 2013. He continues to grow in his industry and looks ahead to the next challenge that he will face and solve. Louis R. Chenevert always puts his companies first before himself and focuses on improving the business in the way it works, which is part of his work in stewardship.

Michael Lacey is a professor who has mastered the art of excelling in education. He is a professor who has contributed greatly to the field of mathematics. Through the dedication and passion for mathematics, Michael Lacey has become an iconic Mathematics guru. He attained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

Michael Lacey has been committed to research and new innovations in his studies. He believes that there can be simpler ways to solve the mathematical problems that are not yet solvable. He has conducted research in the different fields of Mathematics. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Some of the fields he has majored in include the Probability and the Logarithm problems. As a professor at Georgia Institute, Michael Lacey has continued to instill his students with the knowledge of research and developing the passion for studying beyond class the subject.

He has been on the forefront to supervise young students in conducting their research and thus yielding great inventions in the mathematics discipline. He is also a member of the Mathematics Association of America where his contribution towards the science field cannot be understated.

Some of the research that Michael Lacey has conducted is about the probability of the Banach spaces. Solving this problem of the Banach spaces was one of the successful research that he has conducted. The formula for the problem has continued to be attributed to his research and invention. He has also worked in different universities as a tutor prior to the University of Georgia Institute that he joined in the year 2007.

One of the key issues the Michael Lacey has continued to prove to his students is the fact that the subject of Mathematics can be fun to study if you develop the passion for the subjects. He notes that that nature is all about mathematics. He gives examples of time calculations that are necessary for any personal planning.

Also, the order of the tasks is quoted as part of Mathematics. In his overall note, he states that without mathematics life would be very difficult and thus loving the subject should not only be an option but should be a priority for all the students.

Nowadays everyone wants to use electricity even those in the remotest part of the globe. It has been made possible for everyone to at list have to access an electricity pole. But something that has been left to us to take care of how to make sure we use energy efficiently. That means that we have to watch how we treat the electronics in our homes or offices. That duty brought about the introduction of a bill. Bills san m up our daily usage, and at the end of the month we have to pay for, remembers nothing good comes easy.

Mostly we have heard people who have tried seeing to it that they use electricity to their level best but at the end of the day we get complaints from customers about expensive bills. How does this happen and what is the way out? Worry no more because we have a solution for that.


Most people do not know that electronic devices that are not in use and are still plugged tend to continue using energy. It does not matter if they’re on or have been shut down. They consume little by little, but the volume adds up to time. A smart mind is all that is required for a person to save up the money used for the wrong purpose. It is so easy since it’s all about assorting al devises from power strips and shutting them down when they’re not needed. People from Lone Star State have a significant advantage since because darkness to them will be history. Get details on Stream Energy at

About steam energy

Steam gas and Energy Company was founded by Rob Synder and Pierre Koshajki. It came into existence after the release of the Texas electricity market back in 2014.The Public Utilities Commission of Texas gave license to Steam on the 21st of January 2005, and from there steam began its operations on March 7th, 2005 through enrollment of the Texas electricity customers.

From there Steam came up with a separate Multilevel marketing arm in 2014 which was used to see to it that their associates earned a commission from recruiting new members or selling to customers after getting the required number of product customers. Read more about Stream Energy at Crunchbase.

Bob Reina is the founder and charismatic face of the video communications company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is one of the most prominent marketing companies on the internet when it comes to the world of video marketing. Bob Reina realized early on in his career that video marketing would be a big deal, and he capitalized on that hunch. Now, Reina is always going out of his way to share his insight with other burgeoning entrepreneurs. This brought Reina to contribute as a guest writer for the Huffington Post. Reina was recently brought back to help the HuffPost in their efforts at re-branding.


Bob Reina has been a contributor for the HuffPost for over a year and he was brought back on to help lead the way in their rebranding effort. The Huffington Post wanted to transition to the name ‘HuffPost’ while adjusting what they sought to cover. Lydia Polgreen, the Editor in Chief at the HuffPost, said that their rebranding effort was made in order to try and ‘tel the stories of people who have been left out of the conversation.’ HuffPost’s goals echoed beliefs that Bob Reina held himself, so their match was natural.


Bob Reina said of the HuffPost rebranding effort, “I’m a firm believer in the art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.” Reina went on to explain that he was glad to see that the HuffPost was embracing their new role and that he was proud of their efforts. Reina was brought on to share two new articles: “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” as well as “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.” Both of these articles went live in late April of 2017. Reina went on to say, “I look forward to sharing more insightful articles not only with our customers and associates at Talk Fusion, but with HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers.”


Bob Reina has been a leader at Talk Fusion for a decade now. His company is coming off of a huge year in 2016, with the Talk Fusion Video Chat program scoring a slew of coveted industry awards.