Startups in the computing industry are some of the fasted ways to make money in this century. Young entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts like Oren Frank, the founder of the Talkspace startup, are establishing startups at a very fast rate all in the name of providing sustainable solutions to the world’s problems. These startups have reduced the world through connections and communication networks to a point where one does not need to move anything but a finger to get access to services on any continent. Though all that is true, it is not all startups that live to see a second day after launching. Like any business, online or virtual business needs to impress millions of users to maintain its presence and relevance in the market, otherwise, a lot of time and money would be wasted in creating a virtual platform that no one has a use for.

Unique and current ideas like, mental health, are useful in the development of an online start-up company since they are (i) needed, mental health is the most persistent health trend with people trying to either shine more light to it or develop its solutions, (ii) relevance, a mental health application is relevant because of the growing demand for psychotherapy services and lastly (iii) resources, there are too many skills professionals ready to serve the masses. These factors are some of the driving forces for Talkspace, an app co-founded by Oren Frank who is also the CEO. The app focuses mainly on the provision of psychotherapy services to people that need them worldwide. Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Hiring Medical Professionals.

For Oren Frank to be able to achieve his goal for Talkspace, he and his team hired a chief medical officer to help with the expansion of the enterprise and in prescribing medicine online. With most employers acknowledging and taking mental health issues more seriously than ever, being in a position that allows one to provide effective care and medicine for its clients is important to Oren Frank’s business. These lead to the hiring of Neil Leibowitz, a chief medical officer.

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Women all over social media are going crazy for a small beauty brand that is quickly becoming a favorite among many: Sunday Riley. The brand has garnered plenty of praise for its serums and creams thanks to its ability to transform even the most stubborn of skin. The active ingredients in the products are clinical, but that does not mean that skin will be left red and irritated. For example, its retinal based serum is meant to brighten and bring fresh look to tired skin. A cream prescribed by a doctor usually leaves skin looking like its been through too much if the amount is not used correctly. Thus, women all over the country are excited by the possibilities proposed by this simple beauty brand.

Sunday Riley is a moderately priced product. It might not be the cheapest, but it offers a fair price compared to similar brands. The packaging has also been lauded for its simple and elegant design. However, it is the confidence that many women claim it has boosted that keep them coming back for more. Many of the skincare products have helped transform the skin of hundreds of women to the point that they are no longer wearing any makeup. The founder of the brand is a scientist who wanted to create the perfect balance in each of her products. The end result has been telling, and Sunday Riley has exploded in popularity. This is because the ethos of the brand is to stay affordable as it does not aspire to be one an inaccessible luxury brand. This democratization has helped it become incredibly popular in a short amount of time mainly because of this attitude that the customer comes first.

The overall appreciation of the brand has been overwhelming, and it seems to grow by day as more and more women are introduced it. The goal of Sunday Riley was to create a beauty brand that works without the added pretension of branding and price that accompanies other brands of reputable name. Sunday Riley works hard to keep costs down whenever possible, and it certainly does not seem to be slowing down! Check out Sunday Riley products on

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As the largest retailer and e-commerce business in China and one of the world’s largest overall, is always searching for new ways to innovate and provide the best possible solutions for its customer base in order to fit their needs. The company has been on an expansion path recently with the launch of exciting an e commerce platforms in Indonesia and Thailand and now is making some big moves on the Chinese homefront by opening up its substantial and impressive logistical network up to everyday consumers and businesses so that they can send packages wherever they need around the entire country.

Shipping packages quickly and efficiently across China will be easier than it has ever been before for customers that reside in major metropolitan areas such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. This is because is now going to be providing a revolutionary package delivery system through its e-commerce network that will allow customers in these cities to sent items that they need to ship around all of mainland China. has been consistently moving in this direction for a while now in terms of offering up its extensive infrastructure as well as its own proprietary technology to businesses and shippers across China that need a better way to send items.

A part of the overall program that is planning to implement in this latest move includes the shipment of items of high value including quality luxury products and high-end electronics of a consumer nature. Customers will also be impressed with the amount of the diversity in shipping options that they will enjoy as a part of opening up its impressive logistical network to customers. At the end of the day, these are the kinds of moves that have made world leader in retail and e-commerce.

Jeunesse Global began in 2009 after Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray recognized the powerful combination of products that could revolutionize the beauty and health industries. They created products that used advanced stem cell technology to help the body prevent premature aging from the inside out. They developed their specific Youth Enhancement System to ensure the body was well maintained from great skincare and supplements that support the immune system.


One of their favorite supplement lines was designed to enhance the body’s performance. The AM and PM Essentials were created to have nutrients and vitamins the body needs to function properly, but that modern diets often do not provide. The AM Essentials was designed to provide the body with the energy needed to succeed in the world today. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It also has Vitamin B12 which is great news for vegetarians and vegans. It has more than 70 different minerals and vitamins to help stimulate the body to provide energy. The PM formula was designed to help your body relax and get to sleep faster with ingredients to help customers get the most out of their rest.


Jeunesse Global has also become a household name for their Luminesce skincare line. The line uses APT-200, a human growth factor created from the adipose stem cells. Dr. Nathan Newman has discovered that human growth factors are more effective at stimulating the skin cells than plant-derived stem cells. These human growth factors were designed to encourage higher skin cell turnover, ensuring that the customer has radiant skin. It also encourages the skin to produce more protein, providing the skin with a youthful glow.


One of the favorites of the line is the Luminesce HydraShield. The Luminesce HydraShield was created with the recent sheet mask fad in the beauty industry. However, Jeunesse wanted to improve upon the design, not only by using their patented formula but also by using a biocellulose material to create the mask. Most sheet masks use paper or hydrogel which cause many of the ingredients to be evaporated before they can be absorbed into the skin. However, the biocellulose mask allows the skin to absorb more of the serum.

The best way to describe Paul Mampilly is simply Bryan Hill Publishing. Bryan Hill Publishing is a website that delivers expert investment guidance and instruction to average Americans, this is what Paul is always enjoyed doing, whether it was when he worked on at Deutsche Bank as a Research assistant or at ING as a senior investment research analyst or on Wall Street, helping others have always been what Paul enjoyed most.Paul Mampilly was born and raised in India, his father grew up in rural India and had to work very hard for things that mattered to the family.

In 1974 his father moved the family to Dubai, and Paul received a Bachelor Business Administration degree, later he strived forward to receive his Masters, also in Business Administration. While working at ING he was recruited by Kinetic Asset Management to supervise of a hedge funds. The portfolio that he was working on, grew into an over $25 billion managed asset. This endeavor was so prosperous that Barron’s magazine named one of the funds “World’s Best ” after a 43% return.After retiring in 2016, Paul can now spend time on his investment counseling thousands of daily readers, 400,000 to be exact.

Paul describes the average American as “Main Street Americans”, he gives special attention to this mostly forgotten group, by counseling them about small cap stocks, options plays, commodities, and undervalued companies.Besides the Bryan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly also contributes to 3 newsletters The Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and the Extreme Fortunes. The Profits Unlimited had 60,000 subscribers 2017, focusing on the buying habits of millennials, and giving stock recommendations.Besides all of his expert advice giving and counsel, Paul Mampilly still insist on helping as many people as he can, in 2013, he founded the Capuchin Consulting to this very day he gives direction through this forum.

In a bid to boost its offerings to boost its offering to investors, Fortress Investment Group is using a private credit effort to direct lending. It is also using another fund to invest in the intellectual property; leasing of jets, real estate debts and so on. Fortress Investment Group, which was acquired by Softbank Group is expecting to seal the deal for the direct lending funds in October this 2018. This fund is worth $2 billion. The fund that relates to patent has enabled the company to raise $ 400 million. Fortress Investment Group open-end asset fund demand has reached $500 million. The company is also experiencing benefits in the private credit market where they have better lending for smaller businesses.

Open-end asset fund

This fund is free of restrictions and the number of shares for stocks or bonds. Mutual funds take this structure to allow investors more convenience in their investments. However, the fund can be closed off to other investors if the total assets are too big. However, this is the prerogative of the fund managers. In some cases, investors may not make additional investments if such a case happens. However, they are taken out of circulation after they are bought.

Reasons why the Acquisition of Fortress Investment will benefit Softbank

Fortress Investment has built its reputation over time since its founding in 1998. It has collaborated with companies to meet planned economic targets. It is popular for its investment through the high-tech platform, commitment to success and a dedicated team of leaders who believe in innovation.

The predictability and stability concerning management fees are another benefits to the SoftBank Group. Most of these incentives by the Fortress Investment Group emanate from investment businesses and a substantial share of its substitute AUM in the long-term investments. Investment monitoring is another benefiting factor because it has enabled Fortress investment to make sound and strategic choices.

Fortress Investment firm deals with buyout recapitalization as well as turn around situations. It was started 1998 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Its preference in investments focuses on financial services, especially loan servicing and consumer finance. It has investments in transportation, infrastructure, energy, gaming, leisure, real estate, media and telecommunications, healthcare and senior living. The firm also has alternative investments in distressed real estate loan acquisition and investments in real estate markets. The firm operates from New York City.


Dallas-based energy-friendly company Stream Energy came to the aid of hundreds devastated by the effects of Hurricane Harvey. It surely was not out for money or publicity but in showing hospitality to people affected by the hurricane and the community at large, they built rapport with the same community they helped and those looking to do business with them.

That is the power of creating a philanthropic branch of a company. Usually when a corporation is charitable, it does so on a public stage in the hopes of overshadowing a considerably rough patch for the company. However, Stream Energy personalizes their philanthropy through local efforts working alongside charities like habitat for Humanity and Red Cross. Stream Energy’s process of helping is very uncomplicated. Their employees are compensated to create and manage relationships with clients and offer them many services along the lines of mobile phones, fixed-rate energy, discounted clean energy and virtual doctors.

In addition to this, Stream tackles the struggle of homelessness by way of a company named Hope. The combined effort of both companies have paid the way for 1,000 homeless children to have entrance and meals in a local water park, giving them money and supplies on top of that. Also, Stream helped victims of tornadoes in North Texas back in 2016 by giving donations through employees that raise them and money from the company itself. Through the mission Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream supported veterans in Dallas by buying them lunch.

On top of this, Stream also helped to facilitate The American Girl Doll experience which supported 10 girls who were presented American Girl dolls and treated to lunch on the company’s dime. Apparently, Texas as a whole has not widely been considered a place of great charity. Stream has made it their mission to change the narrative when it comes down to doing for others without exactly expecting anything in return. Through their philanthropy using Stream Cares, Stream Energy helps Texas be known for generosity through employee work, Stream’s giving spirit and their overall dedication to genuinely helping those who cannot always help themselves.

Robert Ivy is an accomplished architect whose contribution in the industry speaks volumes for itself. It all began in 1996 when Ivy was appointed as the Editor in Chief to head Architectural Record, an organization that he helped grow in leaps and bounds to become the world’s most sought-after and read journal regarding architecture. Today, Ivy serves as the EVP/CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Robert Ivy has done and achieved a lot throughout his illustrious career. He was once the editorial director and vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media in addition to being a juror on a panel that was chaired to select the designer of the National Dwight Eisenhower Memorial. He was also at the head of McGraw-Hill’s design and subsequent construction media especially during the firm’s explosive growth in the Middle East and China.

Just recently, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters had the honor of awarding Mr. Robert Ivy the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award, an event that marked the first time that an architect had been awarded the Polk Award, which is normally awarded to living Mississippi art patrons and artists who dedicate much of their time in performing, creating, and/or giving support to art proves to be extraordinary and deserving of a special honor.

With the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Ivy joins the list of a few distinguished Mississippians that have managed to be honored with such a prestigious award. As an author, writer, and distinguished commentator in the world of architecture, Robert Ivy now takes his rightful place as one an accomplished Noel Polk Award receiver. The Noel Polk Award crowns personal and professional achievement for Mr. Ivy as being a native of Mississippi.

Apart from other awards that Robert Ivy has managed to achieve, the Noel Polk Award is perhaps the greatest award that he has achieved in his illustrious career filled with years of experience.

Ivy is a well-educated fellow having earned his English Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee in addition to Tulane University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture.

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OSI Group was founded in 1909 was originally known as Otto & Sons and was the first supplier of minced meat patties for the first McDonald’s. With the coming of cryogenic storage, the Group opened its first high-capacity factory in Chicago, and the meat processing giant has grown to dominate fresh food supply chain. Operating as OSI Industries, LLC, the Group now has over 60 processing plants in almost 20 countries across the globe including Philippines (GenOSI), and India (Vista Processed Foods).

Named as one of the Top 100 Companies in the United States, it has continued to solidify its market dominance through acquisitions and renovation of existing facilities. In Chicago, the purchase of a chicken processing plant from Tyson Food Group increased the Groups production capacity in the state and enhanced its asset base. The factory, which has an impressive 22,000 square feet of space is also conveniently located close to the existing OSI Group plant.

Before the works could begin to rehabilitate the new plant, OSI Group injected a capital investment of €17 million into its operations at Toledo, Spain. The plant underwent extensive restructuring adding 20,000 square feet of floor space, and a high-capacity production line was installed. This not only grew the Group’s assets, but it also doubled the annual production of processed chicken and increased total production to 45,000 tons.

In Europe, The compsny first took over Dutch-based Baho Foods, a meat processor that operates franchises across several countries. To enhance their portfolio, the Group purchased Flagship Europe, renamed as Creative Foods Europe, and this allowed OSI Group to offer condiments that went along their meat products.

Dedicated to the provision of quality and excellence, the UK arm of OSI Group was recently awarded the coveted Globe of Honor for the third time. Taking the award in 2013 and 2015, the fete is a statement to the Group’s commitment the management of environmental risks not just in the boardroom but across the whole company. Leading by example, CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavi has been a recipient of various awards including the Global Visionary Award.

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The year 2018 is set to be a very unpredictable year for a good majority of us. A lot of astrological professionals and those who predict with the use of astrology are finding that this year is going to be one of the most unpredictable yet.

Because of this sheer scary fact, it makes sense that you’ll want to safeguard yourself with the use of an investment that is sure to provide you with wealth in your future. When you make solid plans for the future, you are sure to come out on top rather than the bottom with so much uncertainty.

One of the best ways for you to secure your future is to make use of a company known as the US Money Reserve. In fact, you have probably heard about the US Reserve before because it is the leader in gold and silver investment.

When you make the decision to begin investing in these types of metals, you’re choosing something that is continually going up in value and will be a way for you to secure your future in a way that nothing else is going to be able to do for you. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Along with offering a range of different investment products and opportunities, the US Money Reserve has been around for nearly two decades. Because of their work with precious metals, they are one of the most trusted reserves in the country. They sell gold coins, silver bullion and everything in between for you to purchase and invest into.

Their products are completely authentic, which is essential for when you want to know that you’re choosing a good company that has what you need and are looking for. You will enjoy what the US Money Reserve has for you and what you can make out of their products.

Before you go and use a different company out there, you need to make use of the US Money Reserve. This company can be contacted through their website in a secure and confidential manner. You could be well on your way to brand new investments once you choose to use the US Money Reserve and know that this is the company for you.

There is nothing better than securing a solid future of wealth because you made the right decision to use the US Reserve and put that money in precious metals and other investment choices.