Far sighted vision can help provide much needed improvements. Skilled infrastructure projects experts like Felipe Montoro Jens understand the need to make sure their nation’s new projects are on track. They also understand the need to continue to maintain any existing construction projects as well as projects that have been completed in the past. He feels the need to speak about to all concerned about such issues in his native country of Brazil. In his role as someone who has been able to connect both private industry and public affairs, he’s learned how to produce information that can be easily understood by all involved. This is why he is part of a recent report that is designed to indicate what changes may need to be made to make sure that all of Brazil’s existing architecture and infrastructure can handle the challenges posed as this nation’s population continues to grow. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

In his view, Brazilians should think about investing more in national infrastructure. He believes that too often projects in work are shut down before they are completed. In doing so, such projects tend to consume important public resources without showing a corresponding ability to provide for the needs of the public and the private sector. He sees reasons why these projects are shut down too soon. Such problems include technical issues that can be fixed. They also include financial difficulties as such projects may not get enough for completion. There are other problems that can also hinder the completion of these much needed projects. For example, land ownership may not be clear and make it hard to find the right to continue a project if the project is on land that is in dispute. He believes that it is necessary to fix these issues to make Brazilian society a better place.

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