One thing that people enjoy about shampoos and conditioners is the great scents they provide. Sure, you want products that provide results and leave the hair looking amazing, but when the products that you use also smell great, it makes things even better. These days it is easy to find products bearing just about any scent that pleases the nose. Blueberry, peach, mango, pineapple -you name it, the scent is easy to find in the hair care products that you’re using every single day.

WEN by Chaz has a few scented products in their lineup that people enjoy using not only for their pleasing smells but because they take hair care to the next level and provide the flawless strands every lady wants and deserves. For anyone who doesn’t know already, LA stylist Chaz Dean created this haircare line several years ago and it’s been a hit since its introduction. Dean is a stylist to the stars who has a fantastic Los Angeles salon. His products help women (and women) achieve flawless hair no matter their age.

One of the Wen by Chaz products on Amazon that has the scents that you will live is the Fall Fresh Apple lineup. Shampoo, treatment mists, conditions, candles, and a variety of other products are available in this line. Each has the tantalizing scent of a fresh apple being peeled that fills the nose with joy. It’s a smell that will take you back to childhood and one that certainly leaves you satisfied. Best of all, the scent stays on the hair all day long so you enjoy the apple smell throughout the day.

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The unique diamond shaped eos lip balm made with all natural extracts and ingredient’s leaves your lips with a lushes, soft, moisturized feeling. The balm has a sweet natural flavor to it. This balm is medicated but very organic and contains no animal products. It contains very helpful ingredient’s such as beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, olive and fruit oil. Also it contains seed extract, flower extract, and honey suckle. All of these things help give the balm a very natural, delightful flavor. Each color of packaging is a different flavor too for added amusment!

The organic, natural side isn’t even the best quality that this beauty product has its small round egg shape or dimond shape, means it holds more lip balm in a better container or easier to use container, the shape helps costumers by concurring both the top and bottom lip at once. Also there is no more need to use your fingers to dip out the balm, with this easy design.

For the quality that you get with the product the prices are amazing too. Affordable quality and natural care for your lips with what ever flavor you want and the container fits where ever you want it to go. This eos item is absolutely incredible for how affordable you can purchase it.