The Lung Institute is a famous research center, known for its cutting-edge remedies to diseases affecting the pulmonary system in humans. The establishment incorporates stem cells with regenerative medicine in their revolutionary therapies. Among the conditions handled at the institute include, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, among many others.

Stem Cell Treatment

The stem-cell technique has been around for a while, though its use has shot up considerably in recent times. Unlike normal cells, stem cells have the unique ability to replicate and auto-renew themselves. This makes them vital to the human body, as they are essential for growth and development. Moreover, another distinct characteristic, named plasticity, enables stem cell from one organ to function in a different organ without any inconsistency.

At the Baylor College of Medicine – Lung Institute, stem cells are core to the process of treating conditions affecting the respiratory system. To achieve this feat, the experts at the institute use the patient’s stem cells. Before diagnosis, clients are required to undergo an obligatory venous or bone marrow treatment, during which stem cells are removed from their bodies.

After the stem cells are reintroduced back into the patient’s body, typically using an intravenous injection, it moves to the right half of the heart. The blood is then pumped to the lungs, where the pulmonary trap, which ensnares the stem cells. Here, the cells begin renewing themselves, thus healing the damaged tissue.

Joining The Lung Institute Program

Before starting to receive medication, customers must register, after which free consultation is availed through digital media. After the pep talk, clients can evaluate their suitability for the program by filling out an online form, published on the institution’s website. Also, prospective visitors can learn more about the company in their seminars and general meetings, which are occasionally hosted throughout the year.

The Lung Institute is still relatively young; hence its services are available in a limited number of locations. Currently, they have clinics in only five states in the USA, which are Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Texas and finally Pennsylvania. The headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida. Over the years, the firm has served several patients, and recently celebrated the reaching of remarkable milestone – the treatment of the one thousandth client. Check out the patient’s testimonials on

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