Sujit Choudhry is a household name in constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry is recognized internationally for his expertise in comparative and constitutional law. He has played a major role in the formation of the constitution of countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, South Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, and Libya. Sujit studied law at Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard. Over the years, he has conducted many forms of research about comparative and constitutional law and his expertise has come in handy in many instances. Recently, Sujit Choudhry was tasked with uncovering the truth about whether a president has the legal jurisdiction to pardon themselves.


Sujit Choudhry Weighs in on the Pardon Query

The president draws his power from the constitution; as a result, lawyers had to refer to the Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution to come up with an answer as to whether President Donald Trump’s remarks about being able to pardon him were true. As per the constitution, the president’s pardon power can be exercised when pardoning convicts; however, when there is an impeachment, the president can’t issue a pardon. Even after referring to the constitution, it is still unclear whether the president can pardon himself or not, reference (


The Pardon

Many presidents have served in the past and maybe they may have encountered the issue about issuing themselves a pardon. By referring to past occurrences, lawyers are confident that may issue a concrete answer on the matter at hand.

The law scholars started by looking into the Ex parte Garland pardon that was issued in 1866 to a former politician by Andrew Johnson, see ( This pardon was quoted during Richard Nixon’ resignation after being implicated in the Watergate controversy. After his resignation, Gerald Ford who was the vice president at the time assumed the position of president. President Gerald Ford used his constitutional power as a president to pre-emptive pardon to Richard Ford even though he had not been charged with any crimes against the state. By referring to the pardon that was issued to Richard Nixon, it isn’t clear whether a president could pardon himself or not. Other presidents have been caught up in scenarios where they may be forced to issue themselves a presidential pardon, but the issue still remains, does the constitution grant them the power to pardon themselves?, according to

Healthcare entrepreneur Erik Lefkofsky has recently started his newest venture which is called Tempus. A massive piece of news recently broke from the Tempus camp as it has been revealed that the firm has recently been able to generate $110 million in capital that is being used to launch the company’s new mobile app. This revolutionary and innovative app will serve to provide clinical data directly to the doctors who need it. The ability to be able to access a patient’s information is a critical thing for a doctor and the new Tempus startup from Erik Lefkofsky is accomplishing the task of making this possible by providing this information to doctors in a secure manner.

This critical fundraising for Tempus was accomplished by making use of a funding round from Series E. With the funding Tempus has make use of the molecular and clinical data that it deals with in order to have the new mobile app created. Doctors can now access data such as genomic information and clinical information more efficiently than has ever been possible before. This amazing Tempus Labs app that has been developed by Erik Lefkofsky and company is conveniently available through Google Play as well as being available through the App Store. Doctors who wish to use the revolutionary Tempus app jut have to make an order of a validated assay called Tempus CLIA/CAP

While he is constantly busy with projects such as Tempus, Erik Lefkofsky is also consistently busy working with his philanthropy that is know as The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He founded the charity back in 2006 and it has a primary goal of enhancing the overall quality of human life in general. Working towards the consistent improvement of human rights is a significant part of the work done by The Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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Far sighted vision can help provide much needed improvements. Skilled infrastructure projects experts like Felipe Montoro Jens understand the need to make sure their nation’s new projects are on track. They also understand the need to continue to maintain any existing construction projects as well as projects that have been completed in the past. He feels the need to speak about to all concerned about such issues in his native country of Brazil. In his role as someone who has been able to connect both private industry and public affairs, he’s learned how to produce information that can be easily understood by all involved. This is why he is part of a recent report that is designed to indicate what changes may need to be made to make sure that all of Brazil’s existing architecture and infrastructure can handle the challenges posed as this nation’s population continues to grow. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

In his view, Brazilians should think about investing more in national infrastructure. He believes that too often projects in work are shut down before they are completed. In doing so, such projects tend to consume important public resources without showing a corresponding ability to provide for the needs of the public and the private sector. He sees reasons why these projects are shut down too soon. Such problems include technical issues that can be fixed. They also include financial difficulties as such projects may not get enough for completion. There are other problems that can also hinder the completion of these much needed projects. For example, land ownership may not be clear and make it hard to find the right to continue a project if the project is on land that is in dispute. He believes that it is necessary to fix these issues to make Brazilian society a better place.



Investors in the world are having a hard time when trying to establish the investment opportunity that is perfect and fit for them. Most people are even scared whenever they are in the process of starting investments due to the risks that are involved. Although it is easy to earn wealth with the modern technology, most people have been making costly mistakes that have left them bankrupt. When in the process of making an investment, most people in the modern generation will seek advice from personalities who are highly experienced, even if they will have to part with a huge amount of money for the advice they are given. With the help of an experienced professional, making money can be as simple as any other task.

Matt Badiali can be of great help to the people who are planning to make a living by investing in natural resources. Currently working with Banyan Hill Publications, Matt Badiali prides himself for having assisted thousands of American investors to be financially stable. Matt Badiali has his story to tell. According to his portfolio, the American investor could not have made it to the top in the market if he was not influenced by one of his friends. The portfolio shows that the scientist was born and educated in the US. When he was in school, the geologist studied natural resources and geology, making him an expert in mining and precious metals.

When he was appointed to join the university for his final Ph.D., the businessman discovered that he could venture into finance and make a huge and positive impact in the lives of the people in his country. This was the turning point for the American investor. Several years later, Matt Badiali had established his name, and he is showing people the best areas to invest in. After dealing with natural resources for the longest time, the finance executive understands the best metals in the market and their value. When the prices are going to shoot up, the businessman is always keen to advice his team so that they can take the best action.

The rapid growth of technology brought up the widespread need for cybersecurity. What is cyber security? Well, simply put, it means online data protection. William Saito, the Japan-American businessman, developed an interest in this essential part of the internet at a young age. His passion for tech drove his career and now, he is a renowned cybersecurity expert with a vast experience in the industry.


“I’ve been involved in the technology industry since its early inception and almost every step of the way has been due to a result of other people believing in my talent, ability, and ingenuity,” Saito said. Well, for him to be a technology geek he is now, he has traveled a long journey. His career started taking shape when he was in college.


While studying, he started I/O Software, a security software company. The company hit the ground running when it was contracted by NEC, a Japanese software company, to perform software translation. Saito’s challenge was not having an office for his company and he had to improvise something to make the Japanese company believe in them. “In the span of a few days we rented office space, staffed desks with computers we “borrowed” from the school, invited our friends and their girlfriends to sit at the desks and fill out the office,” said William Saito.


That worked out well and before long, he was the CEO of I/O Software, Inc and devoted his time and efforts to make the company grow. He worked on various projects in different companies and before long, he was a big name in the tech industry.


While working at Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation commission as a Chief Technology Officer, he gained a deeper understanding of disaster prevention and management. His approach to cybersecurity entails adding an element of risk management to IT security implementation. Small errors could lead to a major disaster. William Saito is focused on looking for ways to safeguard companies from minor mismanagement that could cause a disaster down the line.


The tech master is working hard to help companies protect themselves against cybersecurity disasters. Among the many insights he shares about cyber-attacks, he fronts avoiding myths, normalcy bias, and blame games as well as vigilance as a good approach while dealing with cybersecurity.



A shockwave was sent through the political atmosphere when President Trump announced his pick to be the new Secretary of Education. He had selected long-time Republican donor and billionaire Betsy DeVos.


Those on the political left began to immediately see strikes against picking this individual for this role. Aside from the fact that she is a billionaire and thus potentially out of touch with everyday people, they also claimed that since she had not attended public schools nor sent her children to them, that she should not be the one making decisions that so directly influence those schools. This was a pretty fair charge, but it was one that DeVos and her supporters brushed off.


Supporters of DeVos say that she has always pushed for charter schools in the United States and that she has had great success in bringing those changes about. They also say that the charter schools that she has gotten up and running have been big success stories, and that the rest of the country should want to follow her lead.


You can see the argument clearly from either side depending on what your biases are beforehand anyway. That is part of what makes Betsy DeVos so interesting. She does have good arguments for and against her being in her current job. At the same time, she is also somewhat of a different person in her private life as compared to her public life. She does not necessarily conform to the stereotypical ideas of what a Republican selected Cabinet member has to be at all times.


She has thrown a bone to those who oppose her from time to time. She agreed right away to meet with the leaders of two of the largest teacher’s unions in the country. She did this as a gesture of goodwill to show them that she wanted to work with them and not against them. One refused to meet with her, but the other took up the offer and was pleased to have had the opportunity to speak with such an interesting person in a personal way.


A lot of people agree that Betsy DeVos is one of those characters that you just have to meet in person before you can really understand her. They say that too many are too quick to rush to judgement. It turns out that DeVos is actually a very polite, funny, and generous person. She cares about what is going on in the lives of her staffers and other people in her world as well. She even cares about people that she will surely never meet. All of these things are part of what makes Betsy DeVos the character that she is. The old adage about not judging a book by its cover definitely applies here.


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In a bid to boost its offerings to boost its offering to investors, Fortress Investment Group is using a private credit effort to direct lending. It is also using another fund to invest in the intellectual property; leasing of jets, real estate debts and so on. Fortress Investment Group, which was acquired by Softbank Group is expecting to seal the deal for the direct lending funds in October this 2018. This fund is worth $2 billion. The fund that relates to patent has enabled the company to raise $ 400 million. Fortress Investment Group open-end asset fund demand has reached $500 million. The company is also experiencing benefits in the private credit market where they have better lending for smaller businesses.

Open-end asset fund

This fund is free of restrictions and the number of shares for stocks or bonds. Mutual funds take this structure to allow investors more convenience in their investments. However, the fund can be closed off to other investors if the total assets are too big. However, this is the prerogative of the fund managers. In some cases, investors may not make additional investments if such a case happens. However, they are taken out of circulation after they are bought.

Reasons why the Acquisition of Fortress Investment will benefit Softbank

Fortress Investment has built its reputation over time since its founding in 1998. It has collaborated with companies to meet planned economic targets. It is popular for its investment through the high-tech platform, commitment to success and a dedicated team of leaders who believe in innovation.

The predictability and stability concerning management fees are another benefits to the SoftBank Group. Most of these incentives by the Fortress Investment Group emanate from investment businesses and a substantial share of its substitute AUM in the long-term investments. Investment monitoring is another benefiting factor because it has enabled Fortress investment to make sound and strategic choices.

Fortress Investment firm deals with buyout recapitalization as well as turn around situations. It was started 1998 by Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Its preference in investments focuses on financial services, especially loan servicing and consumer finance. It has investments in transportation, infrastructure, energy, gaming, leisure, real estate, media and telecommunications, healthcare and senior living. The firm also has alternative investments in distressed real estate loan acquisition and investments in real estate markets. The firm operates from New York City.


David McDonald is a recognized professional who went to study Animal Science at the Iowa State University. He worked hard, and his efforts saw him graduate successfully and immediately land a job. When he was growing up, David would visit the farm located in the northeast of Iowa, and that is why he developed industry in animal science. His career has been outstanding, and he has been recognized with several awards. For example, he was honored with the Wallace E. Brown that is coveted. His career has been successful since he started working at OSI which is a leading global supplier of meat products. He has worked hard and promoted to become the Chief Operating Officer of the company. The company is renowned for providing its customers with quality products and services.

David McDonald is an entrepreneur who is focused on transforming the state of Iowa using the resources he has acquired over time. He believes in helping others to succeed, and he has been doing this by taking part in agricultural initiatives. He has been using different techniques to accomplish goals. He has been leading OSI Group to carry out its operations sustainably. He has also led it to acquire several companies like Baho Food that is a Dutch firm.

One of the primary goals of David McDonald since he joined OSI Group is to expand it beyond the United States. He wants to establish its presence in Europe, and that is why they have purchased several companies based in Europe. He works at the company as the Chief Operating Officer. He is also serving at the same institution as the president. He has acquired these positions after successfully working at OSI Group for more than thirty years. Before rising to the top ranks, he was working at the company as the project manager. But he was dedicated in his work, and that is why has risen to become the president of OSI Group. He has also worked for a food firm that is based in South Africa known as Marfrig Global Food. He serves the organization as an independent director. Being on the board of directors of OSI Group, he has managed to make the best decisions for the company. He has ensures that the vision of the founders of this company is accomplished. He will not relent in this work until the company goes to all the countries.

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The economy can be a very volatile creature. In recent years, technology and the internet have changed the world of business so much that the investment strategies of the past have become inadvisable. Some strategies have become downright dangerous in an ever-changing world.

While many people see the individual investor as the one who takes the greatest risk, this perception is not at all accurate. Most investors are people that have already acquired their wealth through solid and stable means and are thus looking to increase their wealth by investing in a good idea. If that venture fails, they will certainly have lost money, but they will probably not be in danger of bankruptcy or other financial ruin. See This Page for related information.

For a bank or a buyout firm, this risk is magnified. This is because banks and buyout firms rise or fall on their investments. This is partly because the structures of these businesses are based on the practical investment of resources. This fact also results from the larger amounts of cash that banks and buyout firms are investing. With such huge sums of cash at stake, it is much harder for these companies to compartmentalize their risks.

With this in mind, Vinod Gupta advises an investment strategy that centers around a social responsibility agenda. He recognizes that consumers are much more concerned about environmental impact and morality than they were in the past.

Vinod Gupta has heavily recommended companies that focus on energy-efficient solutions for companies who want to lower their electric bills and reduce their environmental impact. He has also advised investing in companies that are concerned with diversity and inclusion.

Vinod Gupta has always chosen to focus on long-term investment strategies rather than short-term gain. With an initial investment of only $100, Mr. Gupta has created a company that is worth in excess of $680 million.

Vinod Gupta granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for readers that are detailed below.


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