Elysium Health is a manufacturer of dietary supplements based in New York City. The company released its first product—called Basis—to the public in 2015. Elysium Health is currently researching other supplements, dedicated to cognitive health, skin health, and muscle function.

Basis is made from two primary ingredients: pterostilbene and nicotinamide riboside. Through clinical trials, the combination has been shown to boost levels of NAD+, an essential coenzyme for many cellular functions that decreases in levels as people age.

The Beginnings of Elysium Health

Dr. Leonard Guarente, the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, came up with the idea to establish Elysium Health several years before the company’s eventual founding.

After Dr. Guarente found suitable business partners in Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli, the trio put the proverbial pen to paper and created Elysium Health in 2014.

At first, Elysium Health studied several products but decided to focus on taking Basis to market. Although the ingredients in Basis have been used in dietary supplements for decades prior, the combination had never been combined together in a supplement before.

The Science Behind Basis, Elysium Health’s Flagship Dietary Supplement

A clinical trial involving daily intake of Basis for at least four weeks in a row was found to raise NAD+ levels in humans by an average of 40 percent. The study’s results were published in late November of 2017 in the academic journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease.

Purchasing Basis

Elysium Health sells Basis in individual jars (each one containing a 30-day supply of the supplement) or as monthly subscriptions. An individual jar costs $60, but the monthly subscriptions to Basis bring the cost down to between $40-50 a month, depending on the length of the subscription.

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis took their third crack at retirement, the couple believed that this time they could really walk away from the excitement and challenge of the business world. But it turned out that, like before, they were unable to ignore the siren call of the direct-marketing world.

Within just a few short months of attempting, for the final time, to spend their days in senescent languor, the couple had already started a new company out of their garage. Dubbed Jeunesse Global by the Francophile Lewis, the company marked yet another start to a successful business venture at the hands of the serially entrepreneurial couple.

Within its first year, the company had already recruited dozens of distributors to its ranks. It could be argued that the extreme growth of the company represented a sort of cheating. Both Ray and Lewis had such extensive market experience and were so well-rounded in their respective skill sets that they were able to compress into just a few months what may take most other businesses years to develop. They also had the foresight provided by years in the trenches to avoid almost all of the major pitfalls that trip up less experienced entrepreneurs.

One example of this was Ray’s ability to almost immediately bring on-board some of the top-producing direct marketers throughout the East Asia region. These early additions to the company roster meant that, from the beginning, top talent was working to spread the Jeunesse Global business plan, selling not just products but the dream of becoming owner in one’s own business.

Another example of the rapid establishment of Jeunesse was Lewis’ ability to tap into her network of research and development scientists, creating groundbreaking, totally original products within just a couple of years of the company’s founding. Among the more impressive entries to the firm’s product portfolio is its NV skin care creme, which contains active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to significantly reduce wrinkles on the skin and restore elasticity. These molecules are patented by Jeunesse and can only be found in the company’s products.

Entrepreneurs are people who have a vision as well as motivation. While others may be contented to work from 9 am to 5 pm to put food on the table, entrepreneurs take the risk because they envision something better. All entrepreneurs have common characteristics although they may come from various walks of like. Below are some personal traits that most entrepreneurs have:


A good entrepreneur often wants a change for the better, and he or she is looking for means and ways to improve things or to invent new things.


One must be able to take steps without being pushed or coerced by anybody. You must have all the right reasons to achieve the goals you need to achieve to succeed.


Entrepreneurs must never give up when problems occur as they will often do during the entire operation of the business. It is vital to keep going and never lose sight of your goals.

Good Leadership Skills

Establishing excellent communication with the people involved in your business is a must. Learn how to properly communicate with employees, business partners, family members, friends, and investors. It is also good to be able to empathize especially with your employees.

Risk Taker

Being aware of the ups and downs of having your own business will keep you grounded and practical. But no matter what happens you should do what you have to do despite the consequences. Check out estadao to see more.

A perfect example of an entrepreneur is Jose Hawilla. He is a Brazilian businessman who started out as a sports journalist. His work in the media for ten years was a success until he was fired. But although he got reinstated he took the risk of becoming an entrepreneur when he and four others bought Traffic, an event management company based in Brazil.

Traffic started out small by posting advertisements at bus stops but soon graduated to posting events publicly on billboards inside stadiums. The business was very lucrative that it afforded Jose Hawilla and his group to purchase television rights and holdings in basketball, football, and golf, along with the coverage of other big sports events.

See more: https://www.quora.com/profile/Jos%C3%A9-Hawilla

Louis Chenevert is one Chief Executive Officer that left quite a legacy at United Technologies Corporation. As a positive force of nature at the multi-billion dollar business Mr. Chenevert operates UTC with values that exceed most CEO’s. He also focused on growing the company by leaps and bounds when it comes to long term goals, the employees and people, and keeping UTC as innovative as possible.

United Technologies Corporation is a multinational conglomerate of businesses, one of them being Pratt & Whitney. Way back in 1999, Louis Chenevert was President of Pratt & Whitney. He knew that their GTF engine would become something very important so he got UTC to invest in them. 20 years and $10 billion dollars later they designed a truly superior jet engine. Over 14 airlines use this engine and 70 aircraft. This specific jet engine cut emissions by 50 percent and fuel consumption by 16 percent. The successful businessman had a bigger vision that worked out very well for UTC. Also with the help of Louis Pratt & Whitney invested $1 billion dollars into multiple manufacturing plants all over the country including in Florida, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Michigan, and Georgia. With all these incredible plants Pratt & Whitney is able to meet the needs of their current clients and even future clients.

With Louis Chenevert’s vision he would marry United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney together to make a even better more successful corporation grow. This also meant creating more jobs for a plethora of new employees. A few years later UTC hired 25,000 new employees and created over 5,000 new jobs. He values the employees and what they have to offer UTC. Before Louis Chenevert was a powerful force at UTC he worked at General Motors for 14 years. The businessman was born in Canada. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal. Mr. Chenevert has won a number of awards. Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine named Louis “Person of the Year” in 2011. In that same year he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. On top of that The National Building Museum made Louis the recipient of their Honor Award.

On February 23, 1857, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) was established in New York City. It was started by a group of thirteen architects who then invited sixteen other professionals to join them. It was designed to be a professional organization designed to support architects.

Based now in Washington DC, the AIA provides public outreach, instruction, advocacy, and community redevelopment to help architectures and their profession. In 2008, it was reported that AIA included more than three hundred chapters in various cities in other United States cities.

Within these three hundred chapters of the AIA, over 90,000 professionals including licensed architects are part of the organization today. The five areas of membership in the American Institute of Architects include the following: architect, associate, international associate, emeritus, and allied members. Visit this website at washington.org  about AIA

Architect members are the United States licensed architects. Associates are the unlicensed individuals who have a degree in architecture, teach architecture or interns to professionals. International associates are the architects who are authorized by a country besides the United States.

Members who have been members for at least 15 years and are over 65 years old are considered emeritus members. Allied members are the professionals related to build and design such as engineers and landscape architects.

Currently, Robert Ivy is the CEO of the AIA organization. He started his career at Sewanee: The University of the South with a BA in English. He continued his education at Tulane University getting a Masters of Architecture.

Robert Ivy’s first passion is building, designing, and constructing beautiful masterpieces of design. However, he also believes architects need to see beyond the world of architecture. These beliefs lead him to become the executive vice president and chief executive officer of AIA in 2011.

With these roles, he hopes to have an impact on a variety of areas of life. These areas include solutions to disaster relief and public health in disasters. While being in these positions, he has tried to change the AIA to operate efficiently in the 21st century. Learn more at Crunchbase about Robert Ivy

This change includes making AIA a more proactive and responsive organization. This change and his hopes of an impact directly influence the course of the company. This course of action encourages architects to be prepared for a role in today’s issues.

These issues include climate, sustainability, and the effect of design on health. Robert Ivy continues to fight for change while he gives frequent speeches to audiences discussing the meaning and role of architecture in today’s society.

Read more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Institute_of_Architects


Architecture is a crucial business in the real estate industry, as they are the designers behind houses and all sorts of buildings. Because of the importance of the designer in the project, professionals in the area, there are groups and institutions for them to unite and share their experiences.

Architects get clients because those clients appreciate the value of hiring an architect to do the design and schematics of their home or building that they want to erect. Architects, particularly the really good ones, are responsible for unique designs of buildings and different styles, which attract more people and attention towards them. Read more about AIA at wikipedia.org

When one thinks of the wonders done in the architect profession, he or she would probably think Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Marina Sands in Singapore, The Bayterek in Kazakhstan, The Guggenheim Museum in Spain, or Taipei 101 In Taiwan, among many others. All of these architectural successes are only possible because of he value of design in the architecture profession.

The American Institue of Architects or AIA, headed by Robert Ivy as their Chief Executive Officer, is the architecture profession’s leading professional membership group composed of allied partners, emerging professionals, and of course, licensed architects.

The CEO Robert Ivy believes that increasing the public awareness on the value of design and architecture profession is the best way to help the members of the organization. AIA has more than two hundred employees working on its Washington DC headquarters as well as on their other 300 chapters. With that, AIA members benefit through the organization in three ways, namely, information, community-based support, and advocacy.

AIA members benefit in the information category through the information from AIA’s deep analysis on its regularly conducted market research. AIA selects the results of this market research that may have an effect on the architecture and construction profession, and their in-depth analysis of these results prepare their licensed architect members to react accordingly to changes that may affect their business. In other words, even if there are news or changes that can be detrimental to the construction and architecture profession, AIA members will never be caught off guard.

AIA members enjoy the community-based support from the organization through the access of countless web-based resources, available in the group. The organization also has more than a hundred forms and contracts used in the architecture and construction industry which members can take advantage of. AIA members also can get essential connections in the industry by meeting many influential people in the AIA’s yearly architecture conference.

And through AIA’s rewards program, CEO Robert Ivy rewards the members’ excellent achievements when it comes to design.

For his part, Robert Ivy has been credited for AIA reaffirming itself as the architecture profession’s most proactive, influential, professional and responsive architectural organization. Robert has been the leader of AIA since 2011.

Know more:http://architecture.tulane.edu/alumni/profile/robert-ivy-faia


If you have been keen about the politics of the United States both on the local and national level then the recent presidential pardon given to one Mr. Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County Sheriff by President Donald Trump does not come as a surprise.

This is because in the past the two have shared opinions on several controversial issues the most memorable being the infamous birther movement which was a direct attack against President Barrack Obama claiming that he was not born in the United States and therefore did not deserve to be president as prescribed by the United States Constitution.

Despite the fact the Mr. Joe Arpaio had won up to 6 county sheriff elections and consequently serving as county sheriff for Maricopa county for close to two and a half decades, most of his policies have been divisive both on the local and national stage and as a result causing a lot of pain to a lot of people throughout his 24 year career.

When the courts found him culpable of criminal contempt most of his victims and opponents alike felt and thought that the former sheriff was finally going to pay his dues for the immense pain he has caused especially the Latino and Hispanic communities living in Maricopa County by being thrown behind bars.

However, this is not likely to happen as President Donald Trump has pardoned the 85-year-old crashing dreams of many of his victims who suffered in his hands either directly or indirectly through his hardline stance policies on immigration.

Many felt that losing the election was just the beginning of a long protracted way to justice especially for a man who had built his whole career by pushing and advocating for controversial policies about illegal immigration. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

Considering the high population of Latino and Hispanic community in Maricopa County, Arizona Mr. Joe Arpaio was notorious for taking all measures necessary in a concerted effort against fighting illegal immigration and in the process many people’s basic civil rights were violated by the sheriff and his office.

The most famous case of the sheriff’s blatant disregard for civil rights involved Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who were illegally arrested by the sheriff and his team and as a result, violating the duo’s First Amendment rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook

After a series of legal battles that ended up in the Court of Appeals, Mr. Arpaio and team were found guilty of arresting the journalists without probable cause with the ruling going further to state that the sheriff arrested the media personalities because they stood up against the wrong things that the sheriff and team were doing. As a result, the court awarded the two $3.7 million as settlement of their case.

This is the money Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey used to set up the Frontera Fund which is an organization whose main objective is to support other not for profit groups which defend and advocate for civil and migration rights.

With people like Arpaio on the loose, it’s up to organizations like the Frontera Fund to stand up for civil rights.