Gareth Henry is an executive who currently works in the financial services industry. For the last several years, Henry has worked for a couple of top investment firms where he has held some very important positions. During the last several years, Gareth Henry has served as a managing director as well as overseeing relations with investor clients. One of his most notable experiences was when he worked at the investment firm known as Fortress Investment Group. This is the most notable experience of his career as he was both its managing director and global head of investor relations. Today, he currently serves as the partner, managing director and head of investor relations for the firm Angelo, Gordon & Co.

After completing a college degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics, Gareth Henry began his career at a London based investment firm. At this firm, he served as an analyst where he would make calculations to determine the value of various financial securities. After working as an analyst, Henry would then move on to become a research specialist for another firm called Schroder’s. At this position, Henry specialized in gathering information about different classes of financial assets. Within a few years, Henry decided to move to the United States to pursue a managerial role in the finance industry.

Once relocating to the United States, Gareth Henry began working at Fortress Investment Group. Henry attained a position as a top executive where he was responsible for getting clients for the firm as well as managing relationships with them. During his stint at Fortress Investment Group, Henry helped expand the firm to a number of countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. His contributions to the firm helped make it into one of the premier financials services firms in the industry.

After working at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry accepted an opportunity at another investment firm called Angelo, Gordon & Co. Henry accepted the same positions he held at Fortress Investment Group along with becoming one of the firm’s partners. With these positions, Gareth will look to help expand the firm and make it into an even larger firm than it is now. He has revealed that he is very eager to be a part of this firm due to its track record of providing excellent service to clients.

Technology is speedily changing everything including the structure of the family. Technology advancements have contributed to the average home becoming a silent ground of international corporations. This has been possible through the buying as well as recognizing product brands. Undoubtedly, one of the areas that most households are seeking is the prominence of technology. Families now consider the kind of TV they are buying including the refrigerator brand when it comes to keeping foods cold. Homes currently recognize brands from the western world such as Apple and GE as well as those from Japan like Hitachi and Toshiba. Additionally, products from South Korea as well are not left out when it comes to household technology like Samsung.

With all these technological advancements taking place everywhere in the world, there is one world power that is lagging behind. Russia is one of the biggest nations in the world that is lacking technological prominence. The country no longer has technological advancements taking place concerning creating new products. Russia is known for its Kaspersky, a software security brand and nothing more. Unfortunately, the security product received negative recommendations from the United States Homeland Security in 2017 which made other big organizations take the same side. These led to the sales of Kaspersky in America to go down.

However, Russia has been in the technological field for the last 200 years creating products that cannot be matched with any other. For instance, the nation is well known for coming up with the radio as well as the periodic table. In addition to this, Russia is known for its first human-crewed flight that went into space. Nonetheless, the development of technology has always met political influence which somehow leads to the downfall of much advancement.

According to William Saito, Russia has a lot to do when it comes to the technological field. The nation has to focus on the factors necessary for its success. For instance, they have to consider where, when, and how to install technological investments. William Saito goes ahead to say that Russia has to invest in startup organizations as well as to be able to contribute to its national architecture that expands technological pursuits.

There are many businesses on the market today; however, one of the fastest growing companies that have taken off recently is Lime Crime. A remarkable company with a fantastic product line is starting to render many new faces and grow to a height that grabs a lot of people’s attention.

It is known for its unique blend of makeup and original style that is capturing many people’s attention. Not only is the makeup hold a quality value, but it also allows people to express their individuality more on a personal level.

According to Marie Claire, recent reports have shown that it is now in the United Kingdom, and it will only continue to expand from there! Marie Claire states: “Sound the new make-up klaxon because LC has officially touched down on UK soil.” Inspiring as the line is, it will see continuous growth in the next upcoming months and years. And now that they are in the UK, it is only a matter of time before they grow again.

Among many news forums, blogs, and beauty magazines,the company is now becoming a huge hit on the market. Even Live Kindly is talking about Lime Crime, “Lime Crime joins the UK leading beauty brands such as Lush, The Body Shop, and Superdrug that consistently launch new, cruelty-free and vegan products to market. Its products are available permanently both in store in Selfridges and online.

Following this inspiring company, and its continuous growth is starting to become trendy. With their unique style and product line, you can only expect to see amazing things from the company in the future. Therefore, if you have yet to see what they can do for you, you can see how epic and inspiring their product line can be, much less do for you and your own self. Take a look and see for yourself here, you will not be dissatisfied with them.

Architecture has been a part of Robert for many years. He has had an extensive career in the field and has helped several organizations to become preferable organizations of choice for many people. Starting his distinguished career in Architectural Record as Executive Editor, Ivy has helped many businesses to become recognized institutions. For instance, he assisted Architectural Record to become one of the journals that were read the most across the world. Robert Ivy’s career spanned across several companies including McGraw-Hill Construction Media, Dean/Dale, where he was a principal. Robert Ivy was also a renowned critic for other publications.

During his time at Architectural Record, Robert helped the organization to garner several awards for their exceptional editorial work in the organization’s publications. These awards include the American Society of Magazine Editors for the exceptionality in General Excellence, Jesse H. Neil Award, and the 2008 MPA digital award.

Individually, Ivy has earned his awards for the contributions he has made to the publication field including, The McGraw Hill Award, the Crain Award in addition to being a Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. He’s also a Master Architect according to Alpha Rho Chi. This was after the national architecture fraternity saw Robert Ivy’s effectiveness in relaying information about the importance of design. Find out more about Ivy at

As the CEO of American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has been awarded the Noel Polk Award. The award has been designed to recognize artists connected to Mississippi and whose work of art over the course of their lives is extraordinary. This award came about after it was noted that since Robert joined the organization in 2011, he has assisted the American Institute of Architects to grow in influence and presence globally. This move has seen the membership of the organization to rise to an all-time high since its inception over one and a half a century ago.

Ivy received this recognition alongside Andrew Cary Young. Young is a designer of stained glass who works at Pearl River Glass Studios. The contribution that Robert Ivy has brought to the field of architecture is very evident, and he continues to work towards helping the organization soar even higher than it is now.

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Sightsavers has been in the forefront in dealing with blindness across the world. The organization works tirelessly to improve the lives of people who are likely to be affected by eye-related complications as well as assisting the blind. That is not all. The organization engages in the various humanitarian program especially in the area of health. Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), especially in the developing nations, have been the primary target of these program maintained by this organization. In fact, these nations account for more than half of its budgetary allocations. Due to its various humanitarian programs, the organization has received many recommendations. One such entity which has recommended Sightsavers for funding is GiveWell. Although Sightsavers mainly deals with eye-related issues, it has gone a step further to initiate a deworming program.

Deworming has been done in many parts of Africa. The program mainly targets the less privileged people in the continent who cannot afford quality healthcare or who live in the most deplorable situations. Some of the nations which have benefited from the mass drug administration programs courtesy of Sightsavers include Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Guinea. In Cameroon, Sightsavers has been instrumental in supporting research-related activities in the area of deworming. More African countries have benefited from this initiative. When carrying out the deworming exercise, Sightsavers treats the entire children population in the region under focus. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a critical role in providing statistics on the areas where this assistance is needed. Children are the key benefits of such projects although adults are also treated in areas where there is a high prevalence of these complications. This goes hand in hand with the goal of Sightsavers which was established to ensure a healthy population across the world.

Assessing the Program

Although in some instances the organization initiates these programs on its own, there are some instances where governments request it to step in and assist. In such scenarios, the organization assists in funding and the provision of technical assistance to the participating government and other stakeholders. Sightsavers uses several methods to implement these deworming exercises. Trained volunteers can be used in the targeted communities to distribute the medication from household to household. The services can also take place in a fixed position where they can run for days, weeks or even months. Additionally, schoolteachers can be trained to provide these services to the children. In many instances, the organization combines volunteers and school teachers to make this program effective.

The meeting of the executives of the renowned inter-American development bank was held about a month ago. During this congregation, Dyogo Oliveira who is the minister in charge of the development, planning, and management, defended the rise in the number of private investors in the infrastructural sector. To this end, he emphasized the importance of equal opportunities for Latin-American in the infrastructural developments. Dyogo Oliveira suggested that IDB should establish an effective strategy that should source a solution for the developmental risk management and promote leveraging of all privately owned ventures in Brazil. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Luis Caputo, the chairperson of this board of governors and the finance minister of Argentina seconded these proposals byDyogo Oliveira. On the other hand, Garrido who is the secretary of the business support and the state of the economy in Spain emphasized the dynamics of the market. To his end, he recommends Brazil as the ideal investment market for Spain, according to Felipe Montoro Jens. Oliveira advocates that establishment of new ventures in Brazil in support of the IDB is vital as it will set the stage for the next industrial revolution that is already underway.

The Fixed Global Income has paved the Way for Investors to Evade the Brazil Risk

Felipe Montoro reported that the Latin American challenge that is ongoing is there to enhance the infrastructural convergence and promote connectivity among the nations since investment is yet to reach the established bar. He further advocates that Brazil may not be able to record a significant economic growth or overcome financial struggles without the help of the IDB. Moreno is confident that IDB is now conversant with the new communal demands, and in turn, it has strengthened its policies governing gender parity and the environmental sustainability in their primary operations, summed up Felipe Montoro. Read more:



Unfair criticism of the charter schools system is nothing new, but a 2016 article published by NPR led to a backlash from those heading the drive to build a better-working school system. The article used the Rocketship Education charter schools network as the basis for its evidence but failed to give any sense of balance in the writing of the blog by Anya Kamenetz. There were many “red flags” for the leadership of Rocketship Education including the inflammatory language used and the anecdotal evidence the article was based on.

NPR responded to the criticism from Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith by stating both a parent happy with their experience at the school and an unhappy guardian had been contacted. However, Rocketship Education was only established in 2006 by two public school teachers in San Jose, California and now included 13 locations across the U.S. Parents at the Nashville, Tennessee location found themselves writing an open letter in support of the academic institution when it was unfairly criticized by state politicians. NPR’s blog failed to address the popularity of Rocketship Education or the charter schools movement as a whole. Criticizing Rocketship Education without taking the time to research why it has grown at such a fast rate gives the impression the blogger and NPR were seeking out controversy.

The issues raised by the NPR blog were not dismissed by Preston Smith, but they have been directly addressed and a response given to all the major problems identified. Preston Smith believes the question of staffing levels in schools is an important one for every institution to address, including each campus associated with Rocketship Education. The employment of those without teaching certification is a tough one but is vital for the success of students at all levels. Smith understands the concern of employing tutors and mentors without certification is controversial but is required because of financial constraints. Each non-certified staff member is supervised when handling a large group of students to ensure they are reaching the specified academic level of achievement.

Vinod Gupta is a business success story, and while a lot of his success has to do with the amount of money he earns, more of it has to do with what he does with that money. Gupta is a philanthropist who was born in a small village in India where there was no running water, cars, or roads. He worked hard to make something out of himself and eventually graduated from I.I.T. Kharagpur, India where he earned a B.Tech. degree in agricultural engineering. Later on, he made his way to the United States and earned his master’s degree while attending the University of Nebraska.


Vinod Gupta started up a successful business in the U.S.A. after borrowing $100 from a bank to do so. His business had to do with compiling lists for companies, and his first foray into the business saw him putting together a large database of mobile home companies. He named his company Business Research Services and American Business List and eventually renamed it infoUSA. This business expanded until it was worth millions of dollars, and Vinod Gupta sold it for $680 million later on down the road.


Being a selfless person, Vinod Gupta has taken a lot of his profits and used them to help other people. On top of making many different private donations, he has also built a spread of schools in India. He donated $1 million to build a women’s polytechnic in his hometown of Rampur Manhyaran and also donated $2 million to his alma mater, I.I.T.


In the United States, Vinod Gupta has donated large sums of money to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and also created a $500,000 scholarship fund for minority students who are looking to earn a degree in engineering or science. Vinod expects to continue to help people through his donations and support in the future. Visit This Page for more information.




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Robert Ivy is an accomplished architect whose contribution in the industry speaks volumes for itself. It all began in 1996 when Ivy was appointed as the Editor in Chief to head Architectural Record, an organization that he helped grow in leaps and bounds to become the world’s most sought-after and read journal regarding architecture. Today, Ivy serves as the EVP/CEO of the American Institute of Architects. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

Robert Ivy has done and achieved a lot throughout his illustrious career. He was once the editorial director and vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media in addition to being a juror on a panel that was chaired to select the designer of the National Dwight Eisenhower Memorial. He was also at the head of McGraw-Hill’s design and subsequent construction media especially during the firm’s explosive growth in the Middle East and China.

Just recently, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters had the honor of awarding Mr. Robert Ivy the Noel Pork Lifetime Achievement Award, an event that marked the first time that an architect had been awarded the Polk Award, which is normally awarded to living Mississippi art patrons and artists who dedicate much of their time in performing, creating, and/or giving support to art proves to be extraordinary and deserving of a special honor.

With the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Ivy joins the list of a few distinguished Mississippians that have managed to be honored with such a prestigious award. As an author, writer, and distinguished commentator in the world of architecture, Robert Ivy now takes his rightful place as one an accomplished Noel Polk Award receiver. The Noel Polk Award crowns personal and professional achievement for Mr. Ivy as being a native of Mississippi.

Apart from other awards that Robert Ivy has managed to achieve, the Noel Polk Award is perhaps the greatest award that he has achieved in his illustrious career filled with years of experience.

Ivy is a well-educated fellow having earned his English Bachelor of Arts from Sewanee in addition to Tulane University where he earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture.

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For many people investing their money is scary and overwhelming, especially for beginners. The thought of potentially losing hard earned money is too much for many people to bear. However, there are people, like Ted Bauman, who dedicate careers to helping the average person navigate the complicated world of investing.

Ted Bauman gained his experience as an economist, not by a formal education, but by real life experiences. In the 1980s Bauman moved to South Africa, where he became involved and enamored with the application of post-apartheid economic policy. After being involved in this work in various ways, through the 1990s and 2000s Bauman worked as a consultant to the African and European governments and the United Nations. While serving as a consultant, he traveled extensively through Africa and Asia, which, gave him knowledge about the relationships and economic dynamics between different societies. Ted Bauman didn’t return to the United States until 2008 when he became the Director of International Programs for a non-profit organization. Subsequently, he joined Banyan Hill Published company in 2013 where he is editor of The Bauman Letter, Smart Money, and Alpha Stock Alert.

Recently, Ted Bauman gave three possible outcomes of a stock market crash and three ways that those investments can be protected. In order to understand how investments can be protected, we need to know the dangers investments face in the event of a crash. First, a crash and bounce; second, a yield curve recognition; and, third, a return to the average ratio. None of which are ideal for investors.

However, according to Ted Bauman, there are three ways that investments can be protected. First, it is critical that investors create a wall of protection around their investments. This is best accomplished by going for a long-term plan. Second, invest in stocks and bonds. Typically, bonds are less risky than stocks; however, historically speaking, stocks and bonds have served as a protection to many investment portfolios. Third, if there is a sudden crash, try to wait it out, because, eventually, the market will pick back up.

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