Ted Bauman has spent the vast majority of his career helping to guide individuals to achieving financial freedom by connecting them with much needed resources. He considers himself a native of South America although he was born in Washington D.C. He would go on to study history and economics at the University of Cape Town. Upon graduating from the university he realized economics was a passion for him. For more than 20 years and numerous job positions he served groups of people who needed help financially. One such organization Ted Bauman joined to help others with their finances was He was Slum Dwellers International. He is also a former fund manager for a low income housing project.

As his experience as a financial advisor grew he began consulting international governments and the united nations on decision making. From consulting for these prominent organizations he was given a better understanding of how society is often directly influenced by politics and economics. His vast knowledge of economics helped him greatly in his role as Director of International Programs.

Currently Ted Bauman is a part time editor at banyan Hill Publishing. He has worked at the publishing company since 2013. Soon afterwards he began writing “The Bauman Letter.” The newsletter is all about ways individuals can build, preserve, and secure wealth. The advice given in the newsletter also includes investment tips and unique strategies to be used by subscribers. The weekly stock trading service he started has also garnered much attention. the advice he gives can be really helpful to people looking to get involved in the field.

The reason Ted Bauman became a financial advisor is because of his deep desire to help others. he values the rights of individuals more so than the government and large businesses. He realizes how lucky he has been to be able to reach his dreams.

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As the largest retailer and e-commerce business in China and one of the world’s largest overall, JD.com is always searching for new ways to innovate and provide the best possible solutions for its customer base in order to fit their needs. The company has been on an expansion path recently with the launch of exciting an e commerce platforms in Indonesia and Thailand and now JD.com is making some big moves on the Chinese homefront by opening up its substantial and impressive logistical network up to everyday consumers and businesses so that they can send packages wherever they need around the entire country.

Shipping packages quickly and efficiently across China will be easier than it has ever been before for JD.com customers that reside in major metropolitan areas such as Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai. This is because JD.com is now going to be providing a revolutionary package delivery system through its e-commerce network that will allow customers in these cities to sent items that they need to ship around all of mainland China. JD.com has been consistently moving in this direction for a while now in terms of offering up its extensive infrastructure as well as its own proprietary technology to businesses and shippers across China that need a better way to send items.

A part of the overall program that JD.com is planning to implement in this latest move includes the shipment of items of high value including quality luxury products and high-end electronics of a consumer nature. Customers will also be impressed with the amount of the diversity in shipping options that they will enjoy as a part of JD.com opening up its impressive logistical network to customers. At the end of the day, these are the kinds of moves that have made JD.com world leader in retail and e-commerce.

Jeunesse Global began in 2009 after Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray recognized the powerful combination of products that could revolutionize the beauty and health industries. They created products that used advanced stem cell technology to help the body prevent premature aging from the inside out. They developed their specific Youth Enhancement System to ensure the body was well maintained from great skincare and supplements that support the immune system.


One of their favorite supplement lines was designed to enhance the body’s performance. The AM and PM Essentials were created to have nutrients and vitamins the body needs to function properly, but that modern diets often do not provide. The AM Essentials was designed to provide the body with the energy needed to succeed in the world today. It contains vitamins A, C, D, E and K. It also has Vitamin B12 which is great news for vegetarians and vegans. It has more than 70 different minerals and vitamins to help stimulate the body to provide energy. The PM formula was designed to help your body relax and get to sleep faster with ingredients to help customers get the most out of their rest.


Jeunesse Global has also become a household name for their Luminesce skincare line. The line uses APT-200, a human growth factor created from the adipose stem cells. Dr. Nathan Newman has discovered that human growth factors are more effective at stimulating the skin cells than plant-derived stem cells. These human growth factors were designed to encourage higher skin cell turnover, ensuring that the customer has radiant skin. It also encourages the skin to produce more protein, providing the skin with a youthful glow.


One of the favorites of the line is the Luminesce HydraShield. The Luminesce HydraShield was created with the recent sheet mask fad in the beauty industry. However, Jeunesse wanted to improve upon the design, not only by using their patented formula but also by using a biocellulose material to create the mask. Most sheet masks use paper or hydrogel which cause many of the ingredients to be evaporated before they can be absorbed into the skin. However, the biocellulose mask allows the skin to absorb more of the serum.




Paul Herdsman is a businessman with more than a decade of experience in consumer software and acquiring customers on the internet. He says that his three biggest skills are solving problems, marketing products and services, and sales. In 2014, he co-founded NICE Global and is this firm’s COO.

His company opened an office in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul Herdsman says that year before his company had offices in the United States, Honduras, the Philippines, India, and the Dominican Republic. Having all of these far-flung offices didn’t scale well and, as a result, put far too much pressure on their internal resources. They decided they needed to bring all of their operations in-house and consolidate in Jamaica, where he was born.

There were a number of unknowns in this, he relates. He had never run a company based in Jamaica before and wasn’t sure how to manage employees in that country. He and his business partners also weren’t sure if the infrastructure would be stable enough to support NICE Global’s operations. Refer to This Article for related information.

As it turns out they successfully navigated these issues and NICE Global is doing really well. Paul Herdsman says a nearshoring company like his offer quite a bit over offshoring firms. It all comes down to would a business owner rather pay less and have an inferior customer engagement or pay just a bit more but have a team that provides a high level of customer engagement?

In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives effective business lessons which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.

He points out that many people speak English in Jamaica so hiring people to speak to Americans wasn’t an issue at all. Jamaica is in the same time zone as eastern part of the U.S. so that also isn’t a problem with a nearshore company. Paul says his company offers several advantages over its competitors all based on where they chose

to locate.


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Anthony Constantinou specializes in performed research for intelligent decision making under uncertainty and Bayesian Artificial Intelligence.

Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with industrial organizations as well as academics globally and Mr. Anthony Constantinou applies his research to a variety of projects such as finance, medicine, sports, gaming and economics

He currently is the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London and he holds the title of Assistant Lecturer Professor at the University.


  • Football Forecasting Models

For football forecasting models, the outcome of the forecast requires three values that corresponds to away wins, home wins, and draws. There is no rule scoring that has been agreed upon to determine the accuracy of the football forecast.

Anthony Constantinou states that the various scoring rules that may be used for the validation process for any previous research are improper since they actually fail to comprehend the football forecasts that represent an ordinary scale. This is just cause to raise concerns about the outcome of the previous studies.

The Rank Probability Score or RPS is a proven generic rule scoring system. This scoring system was missed the researchers previously but it actually properly assesses the models of the football forecasting. Refer to This Article to learn more.


  • Risk Management and Assessment for Violent Prisoners

For prisoners with mental health issues, some forensic medical practitioners as well as scientists have sought to improve support for managing care and determining the release of these prisoners. A serious threat to the community or society in general can be a problem especially with violent offenders. These groups think that if the violent offenders are well managed after their release only casual interventions would be necessary.


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The best way to describe Paul Mampilly is simply Bryan Hill Publishing. Bryan Hill Publishing is a website that delivers expert investment guidance and instruction to average Americans, this is what Paul is always enjoyed doing, whether it was when he worked on at Deutsche Bank as a Research assistant or at ING as a senior investment research analyst or on Wall Street, helping others have always been what Paul enjoyed most.Paul Mampilly was born and raised in India, his father grew up in rural India and had to work very hard for things that mattered to the family.

In 1974 his father moved the family to Dubai, and Paul received a Bachelor Business Administration degree, later he strived forward to receive his Masters, also in Business Administration. While working at ING he was recruited by Kinetic Asset Management to supervise of a hedge funds. The portfolio that he was working on, grew into an over $25 billion managed asset. This endeavor was so prosperous that Barron’s magazine named one of the funds “World’s Best ” after a 43% return.After retiring in 2016, Paul can now spend time on his investment counseling thousands of daily readers, 400,000 to be exact.

Paul describes the average American as “Main Street Americans”, he gives special attention to this mostly forgotten group, by counseling them about small cap stocks, options plays, commodities, and undervalued companies.Besides the Bryan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly also contributes to 3 newsletters The Profits Unlimited, True Momentum, and the Extreme Fortunes. The Profits Unlimited had 60,000 subscribers 2017, focusing on the buying habits of millennials, and giving stock recommendations.Besides all of his expert advice giving and counsel, Paul Mampilly still insist on helping as many people as he can, in 2013, he founded the Capuchin Consulting to this very day he gives direction through this forum.

Sujit Choudhry is a household name in constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry is recognized internationally for his expertise in comparative and constitutional law. He has played a major role in the formation of the constitution of countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, South Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, and Libya. Sujit studied law at Toronto, Oxford, and Harvard. Over the years, he has conducted many forms of research about comparative and constitutional law and his expertise has come in handy in many instances. Recently, Sujit Choudhry was tasked with uncovering the truth about whether a president has the legal jurisdiction to pardon themselves.


Sujit Choudhry Weighs in on the Pardon Query

The president draws his power from the constitution; as a result, lawyers had to refer to the Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution to come up with an answer as to whether President Donald Trump’s remarks about being able to pardon him were true. As per the constitution, the president’s pardon power can be exercised when pardoning convicts; however, when there is an impeachment, the president can’t issue a pardon. Even after referring to the constitution, it is still unclear whether the president can pardon himself or not, reference (Statuslabs.com).


The Pardon

Many presidents have served in the past and maybe they may have encountered the issue about issuing themselves a pardon. By referring to past occurrences, lawyers are confident that may issue a concrete answer on the matter at hand.

The law scholars started by looking into the Ex parte Garland pardon that was issued in 1866 to a former politician by Andrew Johnson, see (Works.bepress.com). This pardon was quoted during Richard Nixon’ resignation after being implicated in the Watergate controversy. After his resignation, Gerald Ford who was the vice president at the time assumed the position of president. President Gerald Ford used his constitutional power as a president to pre-emptive pardon to Richard Ford even though he had not been charged with any crimes against the state. By referring to the pardon that was issued to Richard Nixon, it isn’t clear whether a president could pardon himself or not. Other presidents have been caught up in scenarios where they may be forced to issue themselves a presidential pardon, but the issue still remains, does the constitution grant them the power to pardon themselves?, according to patch.com.

Healthcare entrepreneur Erik Lefkofsky has recently started his newest venture which is called Tempus. A massive piece of news recently broke from the Tempus camp as it has been revealed that the firm has recently been able to generate $110 million in capital that is being used to launch the company’s new mobile app. This revolutionary and innovative app will serve to provide clinical data directly to the doctors who need it. The ability to be able to access a patient’s information is a critical thing for a doctor and the new Tempus startup from Erik Lefkofsky is accomplishing the task of making this possible by providing this information to doctors in a secure manner.

This critical fundraising for Tempus was accomplished by making use of a funding round from Series E. With the funding Tempus has make use of the molecular and clinical data that it deals with in order to have the new mobile app created. Doctors can now access data such as genomic information and clinical information more efficiently than has ever been possible before. This amazing Tempus Labs app that has been developed by Erik Lefkofsky and company is conveniently available through Google Play as well as being available through the App Store. Doctors who wish to use the revolutionary Tempus app jut have to make an order of a validated assay called Tempus CLIA/CAP

While he is constantly busy with projects such as Tempus, Erik Lefkofsky is also consistently busy working with his philanthropy that is know as The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He founded the charity back in 2006 and it has a primary goal of enhancing the overall quality of human life in general. Working towards the consistent improvement of human rights is a significant part of the work done by The Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

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Far sighted vision can help provide much needed improvements. Skilled infrastructure projects experts like Felipe Montoro Jens understand the need to make sure their nation’s new projects are on track. They also understand the need to continue to maintain any existing construction projects as well as projects that have been completed in the past. He feels the need to speak about to all concerned about such issues in his native country of Brazil. In his role as someone who has been able to connect both private industry and public affairs, he’s learned how to produce information that can be easily understood by all involved. This is why he is part of a recent report that is designed to indicate what changes may need to be made to make sure that all of Brazil’s existing architecture and infrastructure can handle the challenges posed as this nation’s population continues to grow. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

In his view, Brazilians should think about investing more in national infrastructure. He believes that too often projects in work are shut down before they are completed. In doing so, such projects tend to consume important public resources without showing a corresponding ability to provide for the needs of the public and the private sector. He sees reasons why these projects are shut down too soon. Such problems include technical issues that can be fixed. They also include financial difficulties as such projects may not get enough for completion. There are other problems that can also hinder the completion of these much needed projects. For example, land ownership may not be clear and make it hard to find the right to continue a project if the project is on land that is in dispute. He believes that it is necessary to fix these issues to make Brazilian society a better place.

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Investors in the world are having a hard time when trying to establish the investment opportunity that is perfect and fit for them. Most people are even scared whenever they are in the process of starting investments due to the risks that are involved. Although it is easy to earn wealth with the modern technology, most people have been making costly mistakes that have left them bankrupt. When in the process of making an investment, most people in the modern generation will seek advice from personalities who are highly experienced, even if they will have to part with a huge amount of money for the advice they are given. With the help of an experienced professional, making money can be as simple as any other task.

Matt Badiali can be of great help to the people who are planning to make a living by investing in natural resources. Currently working with Banyan Hill Publications, Matt Badiali prides himself for having assisted thousands of American investors to be financially stable. Matt Badiali has his story to tell. According to his portfolio, the American investor could not have made it to the top in the market if he was not influenced by one of his friends. The portfolio shows that the scientist was born and educated in the US. When he was in school, the geologist studied natural resources and geology, making him an expert in mining and precious metals.

When he was appointed to join the university for his final Ph.D., the businessman discovered that he could venture into finance and make a huge and positive impact in the lives of the people in his country. This was the turning point for the American investor. Several years later, Matt Badiali had established his name, and he is showing people the best areas to invest in. After dealing with natural resources for the longest time, the finance executive understands the best metals in the market and their value. When the prices are going to shoot up, the businessman is always keen to advice his team so that they can take the best action.