Some people make it to the top easily. Some are given a head start by being born into money. Born in 1958, Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman, has had neither. He has literally made his success in the manufacturing and financial services industries the old fashioned way – through hard work and through adhering to his own high code of conduct. From being in production management at General Motors, Chenevert is now an advisor for Goldman Sachs and the CEO of United Technologies (UTC).

Since manufacturing’s heyday in the United State during the 1950’s, well known brands like RCA, Zenith, Philco and Bethlehem Steel have all folded. But, United Technologies Corporation, a $63 billion dollar diversified manufacturing company located in Hartford, Connecticut, has stayed afloat and prospered as the shift to the service and technology age has taken shape. If not for Chenevert, this would not have been the case.

Karl Krapek, one of Chenevert’s business associate at General Motors, encouraged him to make a move into the burgeoning aerospace industry, noting that Chenevert’s experience with assembly lines, as well as his decisiveness and operational expertise, would be invaluable in that new setting. Krapek was right.

In 1999, after just a little time in the job, Chenevert became President of P&W, a large business unit of UTC, which now has 33,000 employees. P & W manufactures and sells aircraft engines to military and civilian companies worldwide. Chenevert’s gift of looking at situations anew and turning around organizations is what made P & W a big success. For example, Chênevert thought that the company could make money by elevating its geared turbofan (GTF) engine. After being named the Chairman of UTC in 2006 and investing $10 billion into the GTF engine, his vision became a reality. Today, the GTF engine powers more than 70 aircraft at 14 major airlines, and has cut emissions by 50% and fuel consumption by 16%.

Chenevert has weathered the storms and stayed the course, inspiring those working with him to do the same. His determination and business acumen has been an asset all along the way – and has made a huge difference in his life and the lives of many others.

Todd Lubar may be one of the many business leaders today who believe greatly in the potential of Baltimore to generate more jobs and promote an entrepreneurial culture among its residents. In an article released in Patch, we can read that Baltimore is not only known as the Charm City, but it’s also in the rise for becoming a perfect spot for start-ups to relocate. We can understand how this analysis has come up because of the recent data showing the current status of the business culture in Baltimore.


An analysis from Lubar also indicates that the old buildings in Baltimore are now being refurbished into hip living spaces today for the younger generation who might want to build a career in Baltimore. It also helps that there’s not yet an evident high cost of living in the city, making it more attractive for businessmen to move their operations in the city. Business leaders today also go for the option of building their enterprise in Baltimore because of the local government’s intensive support for a thriving business culture and a hiring system that attracts big talents around the area.


Lubar also believes that more families would be moving to Baltimore anytime soon. With more jobs coming into the city, there would be much improved in the public transportation of the city, making it more livable for any type of family.


In the Medium article that Lubar wrote, it’s also significantly revealed that Potomac is also another livable area that’s growing fast today. Retail establishments have been popping up in the area and have been helping the economy of Potomac. With such growing industry, more businesses will come together to provide even more fantastic opportunities to the job seekers in the region.


One big change or progress in the world of real estate in Potomac Area is, according to Lubar, initiated by the rise of the food chain complex called Cabin John Village. This food establishment showcases the best culinary options of Potomac and offers a lot of options for both the young professionals in the area and the new residents who have families there. Potomac used to be a quiet place. But now, Lubar is excited that there are many more options for the people in Potomac to enjoy the conveniences that mostly are just reserved for bigger and more mainstream cities.


About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar went to Syracuse University and is a local resident of Maryland, Baltimore. He is also the President of TDL Global Ventures and offers his expertise and strong background in real estate sales to help clients and investors get most out of their investments. He is also an active volunteer in Baltimore and spends most of his time improving the communities in Baltimore.

Tony Petrello is one of the corporate executives who have a very inspiring story of success. He was born in a humble family but managed to become one of greatest CEOs in the United States. In most cases, people who get chances to lead big multinationals come from well-up families, but for Tony Petrello, this was not the case. He proved to everyone that it is possible to achieve the dreams one has as long as there is the focus.

Tony Petrello was born in New Jersey in a working-class environment and today leads the largest oil drilling firm in the country called Nabors Industries. He has also shown the compassion side of him by supporting fundraising for one of the most vital medical researches- neurological disorders in children. His life has simply been amazing, influencing lives through his corporate duties and his establishments.

Tony Petrello achievements as a CEO at Nabors have been splendid. He has managed to do what no other CEO had managed despite spending years in the company. In 2015, he was ranked as one of the best-paid CEOs with an annual income of about $68 million. To become one of the successful business managers in the country, he had to make some vital turns in life which finally saw him become the CEO of the oil company even without stepping foot into any class to learn any business related course. His success can only be attributed to natural gifts, creative thinking, and hard work. His life has been nothing but a manifestation of these traits. From a young age, he showed hard work in his studies enabling him to earn a position in one of the best universities in the world.

Anthony Petrello has not failed to appreciate the good things which have happened to him due to community support. As a young person growing up in Newark, NJ. The community taught him about values and importance of ethics in the workplace. Petrello grew up knowing that there was only one way to being successful in life – hard work and nothing else. Petrello is today giving back to the community through various philanthropic causes that he supports. He supported the Houston community when Hurricane Harvey struck the region causing massive destruction, supported education in his Alma Mater (the University of Yale) and supported the construction of a neurological center for children at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

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It is one of the mysteries, challenges and threats of the modern society to be able to have all these gadgets of connectivity and then yet have people who feel anxiety and total disconnect from their friends and families. The modern life has bred a generation of depressed individuals that are said to have been victims of their environment. The more modern we become, the more complicated the issues that the personalities in our society have. This is the reason that many solutions come up to address such issue, and one of them that can zero in on the right answers to these problems is Talkspace, which is a popular therapy app that’s based in New York City.

The Damage to People’s Mental Health

There are many issues today that harm the society, and according to a feature from Talkspace, the words we use could also be a threat and a damage to the people we talk to. Some of these words and phrases include those that we hear when we go to reunions. It is said by the article that being at the receiving end of questions like, “When are you having a baby?” would now be a trigger for one’s mental health. This might not be a lot but it is already something that one can feel sad about, and these words should be avoided in situations where we know that this might be upset one’s feelings.

There’s also another feature in Talkspace that talks about how friendship break-ups can also take a toll on one’s mental health. The loss in a friendship break-up is real, and should not be set aside.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is right now one of the best apps or platforms that you can seek professional help for your psychological issues. According to Glassdoor, it’s also a company full of positive work ethics and warm outgoing workforce.

Fortress Investment Group was first introduced to the markets in the year 2008. When the company started its first office in America, many people in the world wanted to see the performance of the company in the competitive market. The financial crisis had already swept most of the financial institutions in the country. Most of the companies in this department were looking for the support of the government so that they could get on their feet. Consumers had lost their trust in most of the financial institutions, and this meant that most of them lacked the support of customers. Many companies were declared bankrupt just because of the decisions they had made before the crisis started taking place. Fortress Investment Group came into the American market hoping that it was going to restore the reputation of the industry.

Wes Edens and several professionals in the American finance department are believed to have been the key founders of the large organization. These prominent figures in the country had been working in the corporate world for a while, and they had already researched and discovered the kind of assistance the consumers wanted. Wes Edens and his friends worked as a great team to make the dreams of the customers to become a reality. Their hard work, especially in the competitive American market started paying off when investors from other nations started coming to look for the services of the company. Fortress Investment Group decided to expand and cover the large international market due to the demands of the customers from all regions Wes and his team have remained to serve in the large firm in different platforms. The wealth they have been getting from their hard work has made them some of the most influential and wealthiest personalities in the entire market. These founders have never regretted the decision they took several years ago.

The employees working in a company have a great role to play. An international finance company has its share of challenges. The employees working in this type of company must understand the complex needs of the customers who come from many parts of the world. Without using this simple strategy, the company can only be preparing for losses at the end of the financial times. Fortress Investment Group has been fortunate to get great professionals who have been focusing on giving customers nothing but the best financial services. These professionals say that working in the company is not a complicated affair. Although the work is not easy, these employees are always given the remuneration they need. There are several benefits for the company employees to enjoy too.Fortress Investment Group does not hire anyone to work in its offices. The professionals who have been fortunate to acquire any working position in the international company must be knowledgeable. These individuals must be qualified academically so that they do not disappoint customers. These individuals must be technology experienced too. Most of the company operations use the modern technology, and this means that only experts will survive in the environment.

Doe Deere is the flamboyant founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. Deere has a very interesting beginning. Deere was born in Russia. However, she grew up in the United States. She spent her teen and early twenties growing up in New York. She studied fashion design in New York, before getting involved with various entrepreneurial projects. Today, Doe Deere is the successful leader of a cosmetic company that is based in Los Angeles, California. Deere is also one of the trailblazers that set new standards for beauty and cosmetics. Here is more about the successful entrepreneur’s early beginnings.


Lime Crime Makeup Line

Lime Crime is very proud of their mission to create vegan and cruelty free makeup in bold colors that excite your creativity. Lime Crime had heads turning with their first few creations. Now, they’ve added numerous products to their makeup line that include shadows, bold colored eyeliners, lip gloss, nail polish, hair colors, and more. At one time, the makeup line was sold exclusively online. Today, the Lime Crime makeup line is sold in trendy stores all across the country and the world.


Early Beginnings

Doe Deere planned on designing an exclusive clothing line. However, her plans soon turned to makeup, after discovering that it was difficult to find those magical colors that matched her clothing creations. She first opened her clothing store in 2004. Her makeup line followed in 2008. Deere relates that she introduced her makeup line through tutorials that she shared with her followers online. Word of mouth spread about those first tutorials and established Lime Crime as a very innovative makeup line.


The Lime Crime Brand

It’s interesting to note that Doe Deere studied fashion design in New York. She dropped out of the fashion design school to create her own line of clothing, which she sold exclusively online. It was during this time that Deere labeled her clothing line Lime Crime. However, Deere was in a transitional phase of her life. She was having second thoughts about her clothing line and decided to explore the idea concerning starting her own makeup line. Deere relates that she had a strong passion about colors and her makeup line. Much stronger than any feelings that she had for her clothing line. In fact, people really seemed to respond in a much more positive way to her makeup line. She decided to start a makeup line and forgo the clothing line.


About Doe Deere

Of course, Doe Deere created Lime Crime cosmetics to share her love for bold and beautiful colors. Deere is also on a personal mission to show that makeup is more than just a tool to cover up imperfections. Makeup is a way to show an individuals creativity and is a form of self expression.


Today, Doe Deere is one of the most fascinating and successful women entrepreneurs online. She started with only a dream and a love of fantasy based colors that captured the imagination. Today, her makeup line includes a wide variety of products that capture the imagination and help to demonstrate an individuals creativity to the world.


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Dr. Saad Saad is a retired medical doctor from New Jersey who is well-known for his work as both a General Surgeon and a Pediatric Surgeon. He was born in Palestine but grew up in Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad has received many awards and accolades. The quality of his medical work, as well as his innovations, are why he has received such recognition in his field. Dr. Saad Saad is a certified pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad Saad received both the Patients’ Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor Recognition in 2014.


The Patients’ Choice Award recognizes the difference that a particular medical practitioner has made in the life of a patient and to those doctors who receive near-perfect scores from their patients.


The Compassionate Doctor certification is bestowed upon those physicians who treat their patients with utmost kindness, bedside manner, and their overall demeanor.


Dr. Saad Saad is a living testimonial to organization, improvement, and innovation. Dr. Saad Saad has had an impressive track record as a doctor and has performed thousands of pediatric surgeries. In lieu of his role as a surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has spent a lot of time making improvements in niche areas of medicine that he was involved with as a surgeon.


Even though some of his brothers were engineers, Dr. Saad Saad chose to become a surgeon instead. Dr. Saad Saad noted that although he had given some serious thought to becoming an engineer, he did not like the heat and the scorching summers in Kuwait. Dr. Saad Saad instead chose the surgery room because he liked the air-conditioning environment.


Dr. Saad Saad’s has done significant work in areas that concern operations or new plans of action in his particular medical field. Dr. Saad Saad received kudos for improving on some surgical methods that involved the use of a particular medical device. Dr. Saad Saad has been responsible for filing two patents that concern endoscopes and catheters. Learn more:


As for his educational foundation, Dr. Saad Saad earned a degree in medicine from Cairo University’s School of Medicine in Egypt in 1971. Dr. Saad Saad is associated with many hospitals in New Jersey like the University Medical Center and the Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad Saad has also possessed medical practice licenses in New Jersey and in Iowa.


Dr. Saad Saad had specific techniques for staying productive and turning important ideas into tangible things. He noted that being an organized person was a real key to his productivity. And that it was his productivity that kept him on track to complete his assignments. When Dr. Saad Saad was asked what helped him bring his innovations to life, he said that research leads to results.

The year 2018 is set to be a very unpredictable year for a good majority of us. A lot of astrological professionals and those who predict with the use of astrology are finding that this year is going to be one of the most unpredictable yet.

Because of this sheer scary fact, it makes sense that you’ll want to safeguard yourself with the use of an investment that is sure to provide you with wealth in your future. When you make solid plans for the future, you are sure to come out on top rather than the bottom with so much uncertainty.

One of the best ways for you to secure your future is to make use of a company known as the US Money Reserve. In fact, you have probably heard about the US Reserve before because it is the leader in gold and silver investment.

When you make the decision to begin investing in these types of metals, you’re choosing something that is continually going up in value and will be a way for you to secure your future in a way that nothing else is going to be able to do for you. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Along with offering a range of different investment products and opportunities, the US Money Reserve has been around for nearly two decades. Because of their work with precious metals, they are one of the most trusted reserves in the country. They sell gold coins, silver bullion and everything in between for you to purchase and invest into.

Their products are completely authentic, which is essential for when you want to know that you’re choosing a good company that has what you need and are looking for. You will enjoy what the US Money Reserve has for you and what you can make out of their products.

Before you go and use a different company out there, you need to make use of the US Money Reserve. This company can be contacted through their website in a secure and confidential manner. You could be well on your way to brand new investments once you choose to use the US Money Reserve and know that this is the company for you.

There is nothing better than securing a solid future of wealth because you made the right decision to use the US Reserve and put that money in precious metals and other investment choices.

Enhanced Athlete is a company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming and is focused on bodybuilding and fitness products. Nutrition Distribution recently raised a lawsuit against them. The case was heard in a court in the US district. Nutrition Distribution alleged that it leads to products industry and that its sales of bodybuilding and fitness products were harmed when its competitors falsely advertised their products. This had the FDA agency storm into Enhanced Athlete seizing a number of their research materials.

The company’s brand ambassador is a guy that goes by the name Anthony Hughes and brand name Dr Tony Huge. He uses social media platforms mainly YouTube to market their products. Dr Huge was asked to appear in court concerning the investigation on EA’s products. Not appearing as earlier instructed would result in a deposition notice. It is stipulated that he may be more than just a brand ambassador. Enhanced Athlete CEO, Scott Cavell to clear his company’s name stated that Dr Huge was not an employee of their company but rather a brand ambassador who advertised their products as well as those of other companies. On a court declaration file by Scott Cavell, he emphasized that Dr Huge was just an ambassador with no salary or hourly pay.

On to their defense, EA accused Nutrition Distribution of involvement in the shakedown of lawsuit business to pressure companies to pay them to drop their charges against them. It also accused them of lying about the harmful advertisements as there were no connections concerning the same between the companies. Considering the available evidence of mere Plaintiffs, the court nullified the case stating that there were no realistic relations between the companies.

Enhanced Athlete refers 360 Labs as a company with quality bodybuilding products. Its products can be purchased online from the company’s website. EA’s improved caching is mainly done through social media. The brand ambassador Dr Huge posts videos and information concerning their products. He also travels around the world marketing the company’s products as well as offer coaching.

EA’s enhanced gears are produced by the company. They are 36 different types ranging from clothes to tablets among others. Their prices range from $20-$110. Purchase can be made through their website.

Enhanced Athlete is a company that offers quality bodybuilding products. Its acceptance in the society without criticism will lead to positive transformations of bodies.

Hussain Sajwani, a prominent businessman in the Middle East, owns DAMAC Properties Dubai Corporation and is also the founder. The company was established in the year 2002. Hussain studied at the University of Washington where he studied Economics, and Industrial Engineering was able to advance his career as a contract manager.

Hussain’s career journey began when he established catering company which grew fast, and this became the start of his success story. Around the year 1992, Hussain built a number of hotels meant to accommodate and cater for services of the many people who went to Dubai for both corporate occasions as well as vacations. It was in the year 2002 that he identified a gap in the real estate sector; this prompted the introduction of DAMAC Properties which has developed to become one of the biggest real estate companies all over the world.


Company’s DAMAC properties have closely worked with.

Aykon London, this is a deluxe housing project, the project was delegated to the Nine Elms Property Limited. Another company that DAMAC has successfully created an alliance with is DICO international Hold Co; this company mainly focuses on determining the value schemes, both locally and internationally.

Ai Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company which manufactures and sells tiles has also worked with Damac International Corporation. This company offers a variety of products which include walls, floor, boarder and highlighters tiles.

Almana Building Materials Company, which is a leading company in the supply of building materials, has also partnered with Damac International Company. The capability of the company to provide quality and well-recognized products has made it an excellent option in the global market and even closer to its customers in the region.

Al Jazeira Services Company engages in services such as laundry, housekeeping, catering among others as it is a contracting company. The company mainly focuses on enchantment and shareholder value and excellent management services. It operates in services and catering support in Oman, and through this, it has worked with Damac International which is a shareholder in the company.

Hussain Sajwani has worked promote and strengthen his relationship with Donald Trump, current president of The United States of America, in his organization called the Trump Organization. Through this, the DAMAC owner has been recognized as the Middle-East man for Donald Trump.

Damac International has been able to give donations to refugees, the UAE Red Carpet and also to His Highness Sheikh Khalifa in his Vice President and Prime Minister in their campaign.


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